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Your Guide to Buying the Best Soccer Cleats

Your Personal Guide to Select the Exact what you Need

Pro soccer players spend around 90 minutes on the field. They run around to kick the ball while protecting their feet from getting hurt. This thing makes soccer cleats an essential part of a soccer player’s kit. 

From allowing a wearer to grip the turf to make him feel comfortable, high-quality soccer shoes are useful in many ways. For example, there are FG Puma soccer cleats that a player can wear for grip on firm ground. Similar to FG, there are various other types of cleats that help soccer players on the field. It is essential for a player to pick the right pair because wrong cleats can injure the wearer.

In this guide, you will learn about different cleat types and how to pick the right pair for you.

Types Of Cleats

There are different kinds of cleats that players can wear on different surfaces for grip and comfort. Below are some of them.

  • Firm Ground Cleats

Also called FG cleats, these are soccer shoes that are effective on a well-maintained grass surface. Firm-ground cleats are universally popular shoes that make ideal first cleats. For example, if you are looking for a pair for a youngster, then get FG Puma soccer cleats youth. They work well on firm ground and make a wearer feel comfortable on the field.

  • Soft Ground Cleats

As the name suggests, SG cleats are soccer shoes to wear on a soft or slippery surface. It could be a natural field with wet grass or mud. These types of cleats feature removable studs to make it easier for a player to adjust the shoes as per their requirement.

  • Hard Ground Cleats

These are ideal cleats that can be worn on dry surfaces where players require transaction on a hard field like synthetic turf or a dirt field. These are soccer shoes that feature short plastic studs to provide transaction on hard ground. Apart from special hard ground cleats, there are Puma king turf shoes that are effective on hard and artificial turf. They do not feature studs, which make a kind of all-rounder pair of shoes to wear for indoor and outdoor games.

How To Choose The Best Soccer Cleats?

The availability of soccer cleats in many types makes it challenging to choose the best pair. To make the right purchase, it is essential to understand the difference between cleat types and their features. From insole and outsole to midsole, there are many things to consider to make sure you make the right purchase. For example, if you are buying cleats for a young player who has just started playing the game, then get turf shoes that work well on all kinds of soccer surfaces.


A perfect pair of soccer cleats can help a player perform well on the field by offering comfort and the required grip. Apart from paying attention to their type and size, get a branded pair of cleats like Puma soccer cleats to prevent injuries on the field and feel comfortable in your shoes.

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Your Guide to Buying the Best Soccer Cleats
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