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Who Will Win the 2018/19 Premier League Season

Who Will Come Out on Top?

The Premier League Trophy

The number one question being asked about the Premier League 2018/19 season is, who will win the title?

Who Will Win?

The Premier League is the top tier league for English football and is one of, if not, the most competitive football league in the world. It is known for its cut-throat competitive players and hard to win games. Every year there are more than two teams that can challenge for the title. In this article we will go into each teams chances at winning the Premier League. We will only focus on those teams that truly stand a chance, so without further ado let's get it started. 

Manchester City

2017/2018 Season Ending Celebrations

Who else do we start with then the 2017/18 Premier League title winners, Manchester City. What Manchester City was able to accomplish last season was nothing short of astonishing. They destroyed many teams and the only teams they lost to were to Manchester United and Liverpool. City accumulated a total of 100 points by a last minute goal on the last day of the season by Gabriel Jesus. They play the true Pep Guardiola system by possessing the ball til they find and opening in the opponent's back line. 

What also helped is the fact that they have a team filled with unmatched talent in every position with players like Aguero, De Bruyne, Silva, Kompany, and Ederson. There are still many that weren't named including new signing Riyad Mahrez. 

They truly seem to be a team that can do great things and they are only getting started. Pep has built the ground for a successful future with young players that can be world beaters. They are my number one in the rankings to win the title. 

There are sadly some disadvantages to this great football team some of those being the depth in the midfield. Kevin De Bruyne is going to be out of action for the club for some time with that knee injury. That only leaves Gundogan to fill in and after him there is only Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva, Zinchenko, and Fabian Delph. Two of which have played more games as a defender than a midfielder for the club. Pep has also been known to change the lineup when things have been going good for the team. It was for that reason that they lost the first leg to Liverpool in the Champions league Quarter final. He chose to start Jesus over an inform Aguero and Gundogan over a great Raheem Sterling. For these reasons City could lose there title.


Some of their star players embrace after a goal.

Manchester City's biggest rivals were the first to beaten them last season. It has been a total of 28 years since the Premier League title was lifted by the Reds. But this may be the season that would end their longest ever Premier League drought since their first title winning season.

Many may point to the fact that they were placed fourth last season but the reason that happened was because of a slow start to the season. But even now they are firing on all cylinders by winning all of their first four games. 

We also cannot forget that they have one of the most formidable attacking forces in the Premier League, with star Egyptian winger Mohammed Salah running up the goal tally. He scored a total of 32 goals in 36 games for the Reds and won PFA player of the year award. He could single handedly change the course of a game last season. 

They have a great chance to take the Premier League by storm this season. They still have some players that have added to their ranks that haven't gotten their chance. Jurgen Klopp is doing great things for the Reds and I would be amazed if he stopped here. 

Some disadvantages to this team are the opposite of Manchester City by having too much depth in their ranks except in the defense. They have signed Alisson, which has already pushed Karius, last seasons star keeper for the red, to leave the team on loan. Xherdan Shaqiri was also signed and he is not used to having a weaker role on his team— now he will have to learn how to play with his new squad. When it comes to the defense, they have a total of three center backs and if only one were to get injured, then it would spell catastrophe for the squad. This could end up being the reason that Jurgen Klopp's side falls short once again.

Tottenham Hotspurs

Three Star Players of the London Club

The third on my list to win the Premier League is the North London Football club Tottenham Hotspurs. They have been a formidable force for the past few season but have sadly failed to win the title for the last 57 years. This year they could pull a miracle out of the hat and win the title. 

Although they are not one the best of the teams listed, they have a lot of features that many other Premier League teams don't have. One of these features is their players with exceptional talent. 

Harry Kane is a lethal striker and it is rare for us to hear that he hasn't scored in the game. They also have the very lovable Dele Alli, that has a certain steadiness with the ball. Erikson is another bread of player that feeds the ball to the top men. He can very easily deliver the ball to the man he wants, to exactly where he wants to. There are many others like Lucas, Son, and Lloris that all cause problems to their opponents.

Tottenham, as previously stated, are not one of the best teams to be listed but still can hold their own; their great coach Mauricio Pochettino helps them give the bigger clubs a run for their money.

The team is a phenomenal side to watch but one of their biggest downfalls is their substitutions that they have. The fans and analysts look towards the starting lineup and kind of disregard the people behind those starters. The players that are on the bench do not have the same type of quality that the starters do. If Harry Kane is injured, the next best striker is the Spanish international Llorente. Their weak bench could set them back in the race if they get hit bad by injury. Tottenham also have a tendency to give up the ball in very reckless places. That is why they lost to Man City last year and they flew in to bad challenges because they weren't playing well. Will throw away their chances at winning the Premier League the same way they give the ball away, recklessly.


Chelsea Teammates Celebrate a Goal

Another team that has a large and glamorous history is Chelsea and is known for many big players in the past. In their recent history they have been very unlucky in the coaching department. They have gone through a total of four coaches in three seasons. They are now on to their fifth manager in the last four seasons. That manager is none other than Maurizio Sarri, former Napoli Manager.

Chelsea is a team with a great history and a great future ahead of them. They have a great lineup that could push them to do the first place in the league with players that are on world beater status such as Jorginho, Willian, Kovacic, and Fabregas. With these players they play great but they also have new signing Kepa Arrizabalaga. They also have Eden Hazard, one of the worlds greatest footballers in the Premier League, and N'golo Kante, a World cup winner. Their depth is unmatched in the Premier League. 

They also have a great manager that lead Napoli to getting a very close second place in the Calcio A last season. Roman Abramovich is hoping that he can do the same if not better for Chelsea this season. He was able to bring Jorginho with him when he signed with the club this past summer and he is already showing to be a good addition by already scoring his first goal. What he does as a defensive midfielder is he gives Kante the chance to move further up the pitch during the attack.

To every great team there is still a fault. For Chelsea, their manager is as much of a handicap as he is new to the club, so it will take time for the players to merge with his tactics of field play. This may cause them to suffer for the first half of the season against the good teams. The second reason that Chelsea may struggle is their striking situation as their starting striker in Alvaro Morata has truly been off color for the club for a while now. Their secondary striker is still not great but gets the job done when he needs to. For these reasons they might find themselves struggling to win certain games this season

Manchester United

United celebrate Lingard's goal vs Arsenal

Manchester United is a team of many legends like Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Cantona, and many more. In the past few seasons the team has struggled to keep the great name intact. Now they an extremely stacked side that could challenge for the title year after year but they have sadly fallen off. Last year was a big step up by getting fourth compared to two season ago when they placed sixth and they weren't able to play in the Champions League.

This year they could pull off an amazing accomplishment with all the talent the other big teams have to offer. Manchester United are not one of the favorites to win as they have already lost two of the beginning five games. They still have great players such as Fred, Lukaku, Sanchez, De Gea, and World Cup winner Pogba. Pogba, along with Lukaku, Lingard, and Fellaini, had a great summer and are now ready to take the Prem by storm. 

They also have the very well known Jose Mourinho, or "The Chosen One," as their manager. He was able to win the Champions League with Porto and managed players like Ronaldo, Drogba, Casillas, and Lampard. With him there is never a dull moment and this season could be more of the same as they could snatch the title from underneath the other big dogs.

Their team has a depth unmatched with even there bench having a plausible chance at pushing for the title. They try to win every game but the problem that may cause them to fall a part is the arguments in the club. There have been reports of the team arguing with each other and most importantly of those fighting Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho. The main captain in the Man United squad may be moving as they fight it may tear the team apart. Also they may have their world class bench may fight for a spot on the starting lineup which could tear them apart.


All these teams have a great chance at winning the title this year. It is believed that Liverpool and Manchester City are the favorites of the few but now on City lead which put them in the best position. Which ever team that comes out on top in the end it will be most likely deserved.

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Who Will Win the 2018/19 Premier League Season
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