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What Would Winning the World Cup Really Mean for England?

My Thoughts on What This Would Mean for England

Harry Kane Tunisia v England: Group G - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

What would winning the World Cup really mean for England?

It's been 52 years since England last won a World Cup, but are we about to see another monumental moment in English history? 

England is currently in the semi-finals of the World Cup and will be taking on France as they beat Belgium 1-0 in their semi-final. Facing Croatia, England stands the best chance of getting to the final in years, and the nation has really come together and backed the Lions throughout the tournament. If England were to win the World Cup, it would relieve the pain from the years of hurt we've been put through as a nation. 

So if England did actually win, the country would go crazy! The streets would turn into a carnival which would run into Monday morning. The country's success would cause social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to crash, with 53 million English users all jumping online to celebrate and share their emotion. The song Three Lions would reach number one in the charts and stay there for the entire summer, being played on repeat on the radio, clubs, and pubs. Teenagers would blast out Three Lions from their cars at full volume, getting everyday people going in celebration, if you don't like football, then living in England after a World Cup win is not the place for you. 

The economy would receive a huge boost from sales of alcohol, food, and party essentials. There is even the worry that English pubs may run out of beer on that Sunday evening! The St.George's flag would fly high with pride for the first time in what seems like forever. The country would go into such a celebration and party that the government would have to consider the 15th of July to become a national holiday for all citizens of England. Come on Theresa, it's what the people will want. Not only will the country be in party mode, but the millions of England fans living abroad will be in celebration along with us, proudly representing the red and white flag wherever they may be.

The players who left as players, now returning as legends, will be given knighthoods and have statues erected in their hometowns and around our fortress of Wembley. This team will live in the history books as the men who turned it all around for this great nation and got us back on top as the mighty Lions. There would be a boost in the birth names of Harry, Raheem, Jesse, and Marcus. There would also be a baby boom in April 2019 from our World Cup victory! I wonder why?

In all seriousness, these players coming back home have changed the way we feel about our national team. With the results we've had from this tournament, those players have pulled the heartstrings and earned the respect and love of the nation. As they have brought together a population which was once divided through politics and national issues. However, their performance already has shown that it does not matter who you are in this country, what you do, or where you live, as long as you come together, put down your arms and all support as one, we can go far and do something incredible. 

They have inspired a nation, a generation, and future generations, to be proud to be English. I have the highest of hopes for this England side to do well in the remainder of the tournament. I want them to prove the critics, the non-believers, the haters, and the rest of the world too, that we are great and deserve it for our determination from our English spirit of getting knocked down and getting back up stronger. 

Bring it home Boys.

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What Would Winning the World Cup Really Mean for England?
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