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Top 10 Kits from the FIFA World Cup in 2018

Football's biggest tournament, and the biggest sporting event in the world, is rapidly approaching. With 32 countries competing, let's see the ten best kits from the FIFA World Cup.

It doesn't get any bigger than the World Cup. With 32 countries competing for football dominance, it has become the biggest and most-watched sporting event in the world. Hundreds of millions of fans tune in every four years to see the best players battle it out and try to attain football's biggest and most elusive trophy. The best skills, goals, and most importantly, kits are on display for all to see. 

Alright, while kits may not be as important as the two things mentioned before it, we need something to hold us over until June. So before the actual football gets started and the craziest fans in world football begin chanting, let's see who has already won the style part of the competition. These are best kits from the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Germany Home Jersey by Adidas

This will be the shirt worn by the reigning champions: Germany. I have to say, it's quite snazzy. The logo across the chest may appear to be a bit discombobulated, but it actually draws inspiration from Germany's 1990 World Cup kit, although slightly simplified. 

If you believe the guy from that Hair Club for men commercial and his, "80 percent of feeling good is looking good," motto, then Germany will be feeling mighty good. They're going to need all the help they can get as they attempt to become the first back-to-back World Cup champions since Brazil in 1958 and 1962.

Nigeria Home Jersey by Nike

*Inset one million fire emojis here.* The easiest and least controversial of the best kits from the FIFA World Cup to choose, Nike has truly blessed Nigeria. Everything about this jersey works. It's my personal favorite and has already caused me to pledge my support for Nigeria to win. Never underestimate the power a good jersey can have, and this is a masterpiece.

England (Home) by Nike

You can't beat the simple look. England's all-white design screams class and elegance. The iconic three lions badge on their shirt is a great touch and complements the overall simplicity perfectly. It reminds me of Real Madrid's all-white look, and we all know how famous and iconic their jersey is. England is attempting to redeem themselves from their shocking elimination against Iceland in 2014. Now with the appearance that they can make a run, we'll have to wait and see if they can pull it off. 

Belgium Home Jersey by Adidas

Here's another one of the best kits from the FIFA World Cup which draws inspiration from a throwback. Belgium bases their jerseys off the version they wore in the 1984 European Championships. One of the only jerseys with the team logo in the center of the chest, Adidas ensures Belgium a unique and spectacular uniform to wear in Russia.

Spain Home Jersey by Adidas

A breath of fresh air is exactly what Spain needed, both on the pitch and with their kits. While their past jerseys were not poor, they were all mostly the same. These new jerseys are different and represent a new generation of stars taking over for the squad that won the 2010 World Cup. Players like Isco, Marco Asensio, and Àlvaro Morata are ready to take up the mantle and will do so in sleek new uniforms.

Portugal Home Jersey by Nike

Portugal always seems to do the most with the least. 2018 is no different, as they're responsible for one of the best kits from the FIFA World Cup. I've always been a big fan of the red they use; it makes them look vibrant and ready for battle. Similar in design to the England kit, it's amazing what a change in color can do. Led by Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best players in the world, no matter how well Portugal plays, they will certainly look good doing it.

Japan Home Jersey by Adidas

Japan's kit is in the traditional blue and the patterned front is actually inspired by handcrafted Japanese stitching. This will be Japan's six straight World Cup appearance and they clearly did not want to disappoint. A powerful blue with an intricate outline, it may be hard for the team to outperform their jerseys, no matter how far they go.

Cameroon (Home) by Puma

Cameroon decided it wanted to qualify for the most intimidating kits from the FIFA World Cup as well. Far and away the most unique design for Russia, Colombia's kits sport the famous "Indomitable Lion" associated with their national team. Puma really outdid themselves with this kit. Imagine being the person who first suggested this jersey? It was either going to soar high in the sky or drop like a million bricks. Luckily for all, it was the former. Cameroon may not be serious contenders to win it, all but they may have won the intimidation-based aspect of the famous tournament already. 

Colombia (Home)

Anytime you can incorporate yellow, blue, black, and red and make it work is cause for celebration. This Colombian kit features all four colors and the result is stunning. I don't know what it is about yellow, but it is an absolutely electric color that works well for sports franchises. 

Just look at some of the teams that use yellow as a primary color in the United States: the Nashville Predators, Golden State Warriors, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, and Michigan. All are successful franchises and have some of the coolest jerseys in all of sport. Colombia has always embraced the yellow and it continues to reward them.

Peru (Home) by Umbro

Peru has not been to the World Cup since 1982 but you wouldn't be able to tell from their jerseys. Undoubtedly one of the best kits from the FIFA World Cup, Peru will walk into Russia with their heads held high. The red and white color scheme works well and the sash displays a certain sense of power and pride. Not overly complicated or frilly, these are perfect to wear in Russia.

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Top 10 Kits from the FIFA World Cup in 2018
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