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These 12 Soccer Training Products Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

You never know if the key to your best game lies in a piece of equipment. These are the 12 best soccer training products that are guaranteed to take your game to the next level.

With so many soccer training products on the market, how do you know which are the best for your game? We have discovered the best training products that will transform your ability on the field. From GPS trackers that provide feedback, to training masks that will improve your endurance and strengthen your respiratory muscles, we've got it all. 

Which aspect of your game do you want to change: agility, speed, endurance, strength, power? If any of these come to mind, we found a product for you. 

Training Mask 2.0 by Training Mask

Put on the face of fitness with the Training Mask 2.0. Work to train your breathing and endurance; the training mask has six air resistance valve caps and three air resistance valve cases. These are used to train the power of your respiratory muscles. Your cardio will increase after only a few uses with this tool. Great to use while training off-season, you'll breeze by your opponents on the soccer field in no time. 

Speed and Agility Training Ladder with Carry Bag by Yes4All

Who can say no to soccer training products that can be used in the backyard? Great for at-home workouts and off-season training, the training ladder is easily transported with its carry bag. 

Use this ladder to gain speed like the fastest players in history, increase your agility, and become more nimble. An agility ladder is also great for working out outside of soccer training. There are plenty of exercises you can complete with this simple product. And the best part is that each workout will be a total body one. 

Quickster Soccer Trainer by SKLZ

Of course we had to mention a goal. As the ultimate soccer training equipment to master shooting, footwork, and headers, this Quickster Soccer Trainer is portable. With a large but compact-able frame, you can bring it to a friend's, to practice, or just to keep in the backyard for after-school shooting practice. 

As a lightweight and easy to set up goal, your whole team can enjoy some practice after hours. Plus, it's designed to work on multiple surfaces. So you'll never worry about your portable goal being blown over by the wind when you're about to make the ultimate shot. 

Star-Kick Hands Free Solo Soccer Trainer SKLZ

Is no one around to play a quick game with you? This trainer is one of the perfect soccer training products for some solo play. As a great product for all ages, this kick trainer will increase your ball control, as well as your overall technique. 

From head to toe, you will maximize your touch by improving your dribbling, footwork, and passing. Plus, work on your juggling, receiving, and throw-ins with this simple product. Who needs a partner to maximize your skills? The only downfall is that you have to be aware of the rope rubbing your leg while you kick. But you'll quickly get used to the ways to avoid this. 

Foot Pod Pedometer by Garmin

The Foot Pod Pedometer by Garmin attaches to your shoelaces or mid-sole pockets to transmit your pace, distance, and cardio speed. It is a great tool to use while training off-season; soccer players everywhere can benefit from a digital pedometer. Compatible with your Garmin FR60, Forerunner 50,205, or 405, the pod pedometer will be your next training companion. 

You'll never notice it during your entire workout. And with its advanced MEMS inertial sensor technology, each of your movements will be analyzed with accuracy. 

Micoach Smart Soccer Ball by Adidas

We couldn't forget to mention a soccer ball among the best soccer training products. Well, this isn't any ordinary soccer ball; the Adidas Micoach Smart Soccer Ball is certainly a luxury item for only the top soccer athletes. 

As a soccer ball that will hold a charge for an entire week of stability, one charge will last you 2,000 kicks. And when you sync the ball to your Adidas miCoach app, you can track your progress. It will provide you with tips and tricks to better your game. You can even capture videos, get ideas for needed power, and gain training ideas. It's one of those soccer balls every player should try

FieldWiz Sports GPS

Have you ever heard of a sports GPS? FieldWiz has released a customizable GPS that provides reports for individual and team tracking. Slip it inside the pack of your sports bra, shorts pocket, or really anywhere that it won't have a possibility of slipping. 

Go on with your workout or practice normally. Once you're done, you will have tracked the time you spend on the field, time and distance ratio, and speed statistics. Plus, it provides options to track your accelerations, decelerations, sprints, and even a heat map. The package contains one GPS pod, one vest, and a USB sync and charge cable to take on the go. 

Fitness Socks and Anklet by Sensoria

You might be thinking that $200 for a pair of socks is ridiculous. And though they might look like your typical pair of socks, they're actually "smart" socks. Not only that, but these smart socks will soon become your new running coach. Using the Sensoria anklet to magnetically attach to the top of the sock, you will pair your Bluetooth smartphone with the anklet, and fold over the sock to protect the device. 

Then you are ready to complete your run or soccer practice. Using conductive fibers, the socks will relay data to your smartphone. Weighing less than one ounce, you won't even know it's there. All the data you gather from these socks might help you make one of the best penalty kicks of all time.

Halo Sport by Halo

The first wearable neurostimulation device for athletes is certainly one of the best soccer training products on the market. Worn as headphones, the Halo Sport will calculate each jump, lunge, and step.

It will help you accelerate your strength, speed, endurance, and skill set. This device uses Neuropriming technology to activate the motor cortex in order to put your brain into a "state of hyper-learning." Synced it to your phone and use the app about 20 minutes before a workout. 

Smart Soccer Ball by DribbleUp

Another "smart" product, the smart soccer ball by DribbleUp is a part of the brand's smart ball line. As a hand-stitched and quality soccer ball, the product will connect to the DribbleUp app to track your time practicing. 

Tracking your progress using an interactive training library, a virtual trainer will take your skills to the next level using live audio and virtual cones. Use it anywhere and anytime; you don't even need grass or a goal!

Wearable GPS Tracker by PLAYERTEK

Next, out of all of the best soccer training products, we had to talk about one last GPS tracker. It is a product that not only improves your games, but also changes your tactics and trains any aspect of the sport as you please. 

Perfect for soccer players, you will be able to compare your outputs with match outputs of professional players. See how you compare to your favorite team. As a technology that will allow you to regularly improve your performance, you won't want to practice without this new companion. 

The Sockit by Sockit

Last, but not least of the best soccer training products is The Sockit. It is an attachment meant for your cleat that will light up, signaling if you are kicking the ball correctly.

Perfect for beginners, this device is meant to improve your soccer game. Improve your power, technique, and form with this little light's proactive feedback. Kids will love this, but even pros can benefit from the instant gratification The Sockit provides. 

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These 12 Soccer Training Products Will Take Your Game to the Next Level
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