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The Jamie Vardy Story

Just an ordinary lad from Sheffield.

Vardy playing for Stocksbridge Park Steels in the Non-league. 

As an ink filled needle pricked in to his ribs, Jamie Vardy had one thought on his mind and no, it wasn’t the tattoo. The news had got out around the country that Jamie Vardy was having a party that night. 

Chelsea v Tottenham. A game that would ultimately decide Leicester City’s fate. All the Leicester players gathered at Jamie Vardy’s house to watch the game, hoping for Chelsea to deny Tottenham the win. If Tottenham failed to win, Vardy’s Leicester City, who were 5,000-1 to win the league at the start of the season, would do just that. 

All the players gathered in front of the TV in Jamie’s living room, nervous and excited. The mood quickly evaporated from the room as Tottenham scored not one, but two goals, and Chelsea looked dead and buried. 

But it wasn’t over yet. Chelsea pulled one back and the lads started to believe again. Eden Hazard had the ball on the left wing, played an exquisite one-two with Diego Costa and beautifully curled it into the top corner.

The Vardy household erupted. The players couldn’t quite believe that they were six and a half minutes away from winning the Premier League. 

The whistle blew at Stamford Bridge and the Leicester lads went crazy. Some were on the phone straight away to their loved ones, some were jumping around in disbelief and some had to take a moment to themselves to take it what had just happened. There were even tears. 

Winning the Premier League is something that seemed unimaginable for Vardy, who was playing non-league for Fleetwood Town just four years prior. In fact, when Jamie Vardy was released from boyhood club Sheffield Wednesday, he gave up on becoming a professional footballer all together. It had shattered his hopes, he was devastated that the club he loved didn’t want him around anymore.

Vardy started working in a factory called Trulife, and played football on a Sunday for Stocksbridge Park Steels, where he spent the best part of seven years. He then went on to play for Halifax Town where, after scoring 26 times in 37 games, he was on the radar of several football league clubs and had trials at Crewe Alexandra which was unsuccessful and was offered a short term deal with Rotherham, which he rejected as he didn’t want to leave his full time job in the factory, only to be told he wasn’t needed at Rotherham by the end of the season. 

When Vardy’s agent asked what he knew about Fleetwood Town he said “nothing, never heard of them.” His agent told him to look them up and when Vardy asked why, his agent replied “because you’re signing for them tonight.” 

He wasn’t to be there for long though; by half way through the season several football league clubs, including Leicester City, were trying to sign Vardy, but the Fleetwood manager insisted he was going nowhere until the end of the season. The club had spent money to get to the football league, and they felt like Jamie Vardy was an integral part of the plan.

£1 million, the largest transfer fee ever paid for any non-league player. Leicester City had signed Jamie Vardy from Fleetwood Town for 1 million pounds.

In his first season at Leicester he helped to get Leicester back into the Premier League, however his first season at the Foxes coupled up with his own loss in form, and he was critisised by some City fans on social media.

However, in the seasons to come, he quickly became fans' favourite. 

Fast forward to present day and Vardy is playing for England, has played in the Champions League with Leicester and, of course, the best of them all, won the English Premier League, what every young football fan dreams of. 

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The Jamie Vardy Story
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