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The Best Gifts for Soccer Players

With the growing popularity of the sport, gifts for soccer players are easier and easier to find.

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

If there's one thing soccer fans love, it's a good soccer-based gift, whether that be quality merchandise from their favorite team, the latest version of FIFA, or some high quality, long lasting training gear. This makes it easy to shop for soccer lovers, as you have a ton of great gifts for soccer players that any fan is sure to love, which you can also personalize most of the time with their favorite teams, brands, merchandise, and other things that soccer players tend to have at least somewhat strong opinions on. To that end, here are just a handful of the great options you have to gift to the soccer lover in your life.

Manchester City Quilted Hoody by Manchester City F.C.

Any soccer loving individual in your life will love a high quality quilted hoody from their favorite team; and if that team is Manchester City, this is just the hoody for them. It's practical, with warm quilting and high quality materials to keep the soccer player in your life warm wherever they go, and has the added benefit of advertising their favorite team, as an official Manchester City merchandise hoody. There is no reason that this gift should not be well received by soccer players, lovers, and fans alike, whatever their level of interest or involvement in the sport's finer details... so long as they actually root for Man City that is.

FIFA 19 by Electronic Arts

Another perfect gift for soccer players is the latest FIFA for Xbox. This year, FIFA 19 is so far surpassing all previous years in playability, with updated information for each of the playable soccer teams and players, smoother gameplay and graphics, and new scenarios. Whether the soccer lover in your life is new to the world of FIFA by way of EA Sports or a long time lover of the gaming series, the latest installment is a can't-miss gift for soccer fans of any age and level. FIFA 19 is available on several different platforms, from Xbox One to Nintendo Switch, so you also won't need to invest in a new platform just to gift one of the greatest games of the year.

Agility Ladder by Kwik

You can be a soccer fan without being a soccer player, but most true soccer lovers love playing the game in some capacity as much as they love watching and cheering for it. For soccer players, the sport isn't just about watching, cheering, and supporting your favorite team. It's also a matter of intense physical work and skill. For this reason, the best soccer training equipment for your team is a necessity for pretty much every player of the game. When it comes to practice, one of the most important skills to hone is quickness and agility—the ability to use and control your feet with high speed and still be dexterous. A pro agility ladder like this one can be used for team practice or on your own to improve any soccer player's game, and give them something to work on every day.

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Jersey by adidas

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the most prolific and successful soccer players of all time, and so it is no surprise that soccer players and fans everywhere adore him. If this is true of someone in your life, Ronaldo merchandise makes for some of the best gifts for soccer players and soccer lovers. Keep up to date with the absolute latest of fan merchandise: The Juventus jersey from adidas, which sports Ronaldo's name and number, the thick black stripes of the home jersey, and the Jeep logo, are all manufactured true to form, as any fan will already know.

Soccer Tiro 17 Training Pants by adidas

Some of the most practical gifts for soccer players speak to the need for players to have weather-appropriate apparel for all kinds of climates. Keeping your muscles warm without overheating or suffocating your legs is crucial to successful training, which is why these highly rated adidas training pants are made with breathable climacool and mesh inserts, to whisk away moisture and keep the air moving while you warm up your muscles safely. Its tapered, snug fit ankles keep these pants from getting in the way of your footwork, and easily zip up to pull off when you're game ready. Front pockets also give you a little storage room for necessities if you need to leave your bulkier stuff behind and go on a warm-up jog. Plus, who says you can't kick back in these and a soccer t-shirt on your day off?

USA Home Jersey by Nike

Nothing says USA like the 2018 Nike home jersey. Nike breathe and dri-FIT technology make it a useful gift, as well as a meaningful and exciting one. The high quality construction whisks away moisture and keeps you cool while you play in all kinds of climates and weather, while the authentic 2018 USA Home Jersey design looks great on everyone. It features an eagle on the inside collar with the slogan "One Nation, One Team," as well as thirteen stars to represent the original thirteen colonies. Red and blue stripes are spread in a gradation across a white background, with the official USA badge displayed on the chest. By and far one of the best soccer jerseys of all time.

Mercurial Superfly Soccer Cleat by Nike

The Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleat is a favorite among professional and amateur soccer players alike, and a coveted tool for players of all kinds and ages. Though the latest release is the Mercurial Superfly VII, the whole line has been wildly popular with famous soccer players like Paolo Dybala, Anthony Martial, and Dimitri Payet wearing them, as well as the illustrious Cristiano Ronaldo. These shoes are designed for high speeds and explosive acceleration, as well as optimal sensitivity to help you control the ball. Plus, they are, decidedly, some of the most stylish pairs of cleats out there.

Sports Cones by Kwik

Precision training is a cornerstone of many sports, but soccer more than most—especially when it comes to quick footwork. One of the best ways to facilitate improved agility training for someone in your life is by giving them one of the best gifts a soccer player could ask for: round cones. These bright, low-to-the-ground cones are great for versatile training of all kinds. They can be used as targets, to set up impromptu goal posts, or guide an obstacle course. They stack up easily into a small, portable size, so you can take them anywhere and be ready for action at any time.

Insulated Water Bottle by CamelBak

No athlete can go without high quality water bottles, and trying to is a sure-fired way to see decreased performance and dehydration (or, at the very least, be terrible for the environment as you go through plastic water bottle after plastic water bottle). You'll be hard-pressed to find a better water bottle for athletes than the CamelBak Insulated water bottle, which keeps your liquids of choice cool in all kinds of weather so that you can be refreshed as you rehydrate, no matter the climate. Plus, it's dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so it's an investment in future ease of use, convenience, and performance.

World Cup 2018 Soccer Ball by adidas

The official adidas World Cup 2018 soccer ball is available for purchase as one of the best gifts for soccer players of all levels and ages. Sure, you can play with any other of the number of soccer balls out there from sporting goods stores or WalMart, but it won't hold a candle to an official match ball in terms of either quality or appearance. The seamless, thermally bonded construction ensures a long life of usefulness, and an embedded chip even allows you to interact with the ball via a smartphone. Plus, who wouldn't want to play with the official match ball of the 2018 World Cup? After all, kicking a good ball around is the fastest way to scoring the greatest World Cup goals of all time.

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