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The 10 Best Sites to Buy or Sell Used Cleats

With my old pair of Diadora cleats just collecting dust downstairs, I turned to Google and discovered a wide variety of sites to buy or sell used cleats.

I had an interesting soccer career to say the least, but let me fill you in on some of the highlights. As you may already know, my first team—the "Red Team"—went an entire season without scoring a goal* (that lonely asterisk being an own goal). Goals would be netted in later years as we gained an understanding of why we were running up and down the pitch, but that all changed rather rapidly for young Sean when the field grew in size.

I quit, and my relationship with soccer would be on-again, off-again for years to come.

This posed quite the problem, because every time I decided to pick up a soccer ball again, my feet would be a different size. My old soccer cleats... well, they were just a tad too small to see another season. And I can only assume that they went to waste in the trash as they made way for a pair that would actually fit my new feet.

Long story slightly shorter: This was a recurring problem—that I assume I'm not alone on—which I would not find a solution to until I dug through my parents' basement last year. I found my old pair of Diadora cleats from my leftback junior varsity days, and though it was a fond memory of chasing football (that's right, I said it) from a more athletic time, I decided to look for sites to buy or sell used cleats, some of which might surprise you.

Sideline Swap

"Where athletes buy and sell their gear," Sideline Swap is likely the leader in used sporting equipment, and for good reason. You see, they have everything; this website not being exclusive to soccer cleats. Sideline Swap is easy and intuitive as well, allowing you to list your used sports gear in seconds. From there—as with any other online marketplace—the waiting game begins, but I've seen some success in sales, that which are made easy with prepaid shipping labels provided by Sideline Swap.

Play It Again Sports

Under the same parent company as Plato's Closet and Once Upon A Child, Play It Again Sports is technically a brick and mortar thrift store for used sporting goods. Thanks to the world wide web however, local stores have been able to sell their goods online as well. This gives you, quite possibly, the largest selection of used soccer cleats online. So, although you'll need to check out each local location respectively, it is well worth the deal that you'll find!

And for those who have a store in their area, I highly recommend taking the trip to sell your own gear for store credit or cold hard cash. I'm a huge advocate for thrifting, in general, and I religiously visit Plato's Closet.


While I may religiously visit a brick and mortar thrift store, nothing quite compares to the easy access of an app I can swipe through on my phone. Among the many secondhand apps, I've personally found Poshmark to be the best. The aforementioned pair of Diadora cleats were dropped off at my local Play It Again Sports, but I have sold multiple jerseys on the Posh (is that what the kids call it?). And, with a quick two-word search, I found countless used "soccer cleats" available for purchase and looking for a new pair of feet to call home.


Similar to Poshmark, but more localized, you can buy or sell just about anything on Letgo. Personally, I have not seen the most success on Letgo, but I can attest to a friend of mine who actually helped his dad sell some of his old coaching equipment through the platform. He had nothing but stress-free transactions, too—posting photos of the items and meeting all of his buyers at the local CVS around the corner from his house.

Pro tip: If possible, always meet buyers you don't know in a public place.

Facebook Marketplace

Seriously, make a note of that pro tip. It may seem like common sense, but Letgo was not the first, nor will Facebook Marketplace be the last of all the sites to buy or sell used cleats, that require you to meet the buyer in person—and some people are f*cking crazy.

Anyways, where were we? Oh, my love/hate relationship with Facebook. For as much disdain I may have for Mark Zuckerberg, I must admit, I love Facebook Marketplace. Like Letgo, you can find just about anything on this part of the platform, especially soccer cleats for beginners.


The oldest of the sites to buy or sell used cleats, its place on this list may surprise you, but eBay has remained one of the top online marketplaces for two decades and counting. With countless new platforms competing against it over the years, it has still stood strong. However, if its tenure isn't enough for you to at least try your luck at buying or selling on eBay, or the fact that you might just make off with some of the best cleats under $50 because of eBay, then I'd also like add a secondhand account of its prowess:

For as long as I can remember, my dad—likely the most tech-savvy father I've ever known—has sold our family's used stuff on eBay. Of these items, the most common has and always will be golf equipment, but beyond that, I couldn't even begin to list the wide variety of used goods he's sold and/or bought (for example, he sold old photo paper last night). So, if there is one website I can attest to—to not only buy or sell used soccer cleats, but also all things used—it is eBay.


The biggest name in e-commerce: Amazon. Amazon is another online marketplace that just might surprise you in respects to used soccer cleats, but what many people don't realize is that, like eBay, anyone can sell their old stuff on Amazon, too. Yes, it will be difficult to compete with prices, and two-day shipping with Prime, but if you have an old pair lying around like I did, it may be worth listing it on Amazon. Why not, am I right?


I must admit, I'm not too familiar with Mercari; but in recent years, I have been hearing the Japanese e-commerce name more and more, especially as they've expanded operations in the United States and United Kingdom. At a glance, they appear to be a bit of a hybrid between Amazon and eBay, with the used sector of their marketplace reminiscent of Poshmark in that a quick two-word search of "soccer cleats" will result in thousands of used pairs that range in price. With that many options available to you, I think this online marketplace is a hidden treasure for buying or selling used cleats.


No, not Netflix. Netflea. Another name I'm not too familiar with due to its European origin, Netflea is an "online fleamarket like no other." This option may be limited to those in Europe, with international shipping being as pricey as it is, but if there's one thing I know Europeans love, it's their football! (And not that American football we have over here.)


Remember that pro tip? Well, you should have known Facebook Marketplace would not be the last time I mentioned it...

I've had some interesting experiences with Craigslist, most notably when accompanying my parents to visit some stranger's smelly apartment to buy a couch. Spoiler alert: We didn't buy the couch. Why? Because it, too, smelled of this man's apartment. With that story said, however, Craigslist has been around as somewhat of a "local Reddit for goods and services" for as long as I can remember. So... if all else fails, Craigslist might be one of the (best?) sites to buy or sell used cleats. Or will at least get the job done, right?

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The 10 Best Sites to Buy or Sell Used Cleats
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