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The 10 Best Gifts for Arsenal Fans

Only true fans of the Gunners will appreciate the best gifts for Arsenal fans.

There is no doubt that enthusiasts of the Premier League are some of the most passionate fans not only when it comes to soccer, but global sports as a whole. While the league boasts a plethora of legendary clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United, perhaps the most polarizing team is the London-based Arsenal squad.

As it stands, the team holds 13 League titles, a world record 13 FA Cups, two League Cups, the League Centenary Trophy, 15 FA Community Shields, a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, and one Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. In short—they're a pretty decorated franchise.

With my birthday coming up in a few weeks, a long time Arsenal fan like myself has been brainstorming ways to drop the hint that I want my friends and family to buy me some sweet Arsenal merch. They're not gift givers (I've gotten a blender two out of the last three birthdays), but their heart is in the right place.

So, I decided to come here to write an article on the best gifts for Arsenal fans, in the hopes that they ACTUALLY READ THIS ARTICLE and get me something cool for once. Sorry in advance, Mom and Dad, but I'm sick of crappy "As Seen on TV" gifts...

2.4G Wireless Mouse with USB Receiver Nano Portable Mobile Optical by Plutus Luxury

For a computer nerd like me, this wireless Arsenal mouse was the perfect gift. Most of the reason I go on the computer anyway is to look up player stats and Arsenal highlights, so I might as well get a mouse to go along with it, right? The best part is, I can use it when I'm decently far away from my computer (25 feet), so if I'm playing my friend in FIFA, I can still do my daily trolling on my laptop.

Mens Arsenal FC Poly Training Kit T-Shirt by Arsenal F.C.

Whether I'm outside kicking around the ball or at real practice with my club soccer team, I've always tried to emulate my favorite Arsenal players like Mesut Özil and Aaron Ramsey. For a hardcore Arsenal fan like me, that wasn't enough. I have to also look the part, so to speak. Getting myself a replica training t-shirt like this would be good start, albeit, somewhat nerdy. But you know what they say—look good feel good.

Arsenal Football Club Official Soccer Gift Mens Shower Jacket Windbreaker by Arsenal F.C.

Soccer is primarily played in the fall, so when it starts to get a bit nippy out in late October, I have to wear a windbreaker over my practice jersey. I'm in need of a new one, anyway, so why not go with an Arsenal FC official windbreaker? This is literally the same thing the players wear, so I'll really feel like I'm a part of the team. And on my semi-delusional days, I'll probably end up feeling like one of the best Arsenal players of all time. One can only wish...

Arsenal Football Club Official Soccer Gift Mens Striped Polo Shirt by Arsenal F.C.

Remember when I said "look good feel good" like 40 seconds ago? Well, it once again applies to this snappy looking polo shirt. I'm a big golfer, too, so I can represent my favorite sports franchise next time I go out because, well, there are no golf franchises—only players. And you won't catch me wearing a Phil Mickelson polo any time soon...

Gift Metal Car Window Sign by Arsenal F.C.

As a new father, nothing is more important to me than having my child become just as hardcore of an Arsenal fan than I am (Well, I guess being a good father is a close second). Nothing says "I'm a new dad" better than grabbing some tacky decor for your minivan. This "Little Dribbler on Board" metal car window sign serves that purpose quite admirably.

Arsenal FC Tea Tub Mug by Arsenal F.C.

There's nothing better than waking up to a Saturday morning Arsenal game with a cup of joe by my side. Obviously, it's pretty important to wake up nice and early, considering the time difference, so having a few cups is normally the routine. For everything to come full circle, I think I have to start drinking out of a giant Arsenal mug, like the one depicted. No US-based Premier League fan should be without a mug from their favorite team considering just how much coffee we ingest to simply watch the games.

Arsenal FC Navy Blue Baseball Cap by Arsenal

Being a cool guy isn't easy, but grabbing yourself a sweet leather jacket and a backwards hat is definitely a start. This fitted, Arsenal FC blue baseball cap with the team's crest on it gets my vote as cool guy hat-of-the-year. Obviously, that award is subjective (and totally fictional) but if I'm going to wear a baseball cap, this will be it. Ironic, considering it's a different sport altogether.

Arsenal Football Club Official Soccer Gift Mens Retro Varsity Baseball Jacket by Arsenal F.C.

Staying on the topic of baseball apparel featuring Premier League teams, we have this Arsenal FC varsity baseball jacket. Forget what I said about the leather jacket—this is the ultimate cool-guy look. If you're looking for something that's a cross between what MJ wore in the beginning of the Michael Jackson's Thriller 1983 music video and a jacket someone on the Arsenal sidelines would wear, this purchase is a home run. Pun not intended.

Arsene Wenger by John Cross

Any true Arsenal fan knows the impact that coach Arsene Wenger had on our ball club. After taking over back in 1996, he transformed the club into a perennial contender, leading Premier League, a FA Cup double, and an unprecedented undefeated league season, amongst a plethora of other notable accolades. With Wenger now gone, it's important for all Arsenal fans to look back at his impressive tenure, and there is arguably no better way than reading about it in John Cross' extensive biography. Hailed as "The most comprehensive biography of Arsene Wenger ever published," Arsene Wegner is a must read for Arsenal fans both young and old. I've read plenty of the best soccer autobiographies out there, but this secondhand account is now at the top of my list.

Arsenal FC Football Crest Socks by Arsenal

Getting socks for a gift as a kid was always a disappointment, but getting socks as an adult is an absolute pleasure. At least, for someone like me who lives for comfort and warmth.

These Arsenal football crest socks serve two purposes—coziness and proof of fandom, which should have been the base for the best soccer socks in 2018 if you ask me. Anyway, those two reasons alone qualify them as one of the best gifts for Arsenal fans out there. Trust me, I would know, considering I want EVERYTHING on this list.

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