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Everything you need to know about the cutthroat road to the FIFA World Cup; predictions, soccer statistics and World Cup history.

Russia 2018
We are days away from the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Days away from the tournament that will pit the 32 best teams in the world on one stage competing for soccer hegemony. The stars have aligned and will be...
Why You Should Watch the Russia 2018 World Cup
Soccer is the biggest sport in the world. Soccer is international. Soccer is played in almost every country of the world. 4 billion fans watch professional soccer. Soccer is so captivating and attenti...
Liam McEvillya year ago
Eight Reasons Why England Could Surprise Us at FIFA World Cup 2018
It’s approaching fast, the start of the 21st Football World Cup. June 14th, 2018 all eyes will be on the kick off as hosts Russia face Saudi Arabia in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow. The final will take pla...
Who Will Win the World Cup in Russia 2018
The World Cup is one of the most celebrated sports around the world, and will be watched very closely by many fans from many different countries. As beautiful as it is to just sit back and observe the...
Zak Karima year ago
England Wins the World Cup
What if England won the World Cup? Speaking hypothetically, imagine the scenes of jubilation from London to Newcastle, Liverpool to Norwich. Club rivalries would be put to one side to celebrate an ach...
Dillon Whitea year ago
What a Summer for Spurs Should Look Like
Our current leaders walk through the new stadium. In my opinion, on our first home game, Harry must be leading us out of that tunnel.
The Miracle Man
Sooo... how to begin. Back in 1986, in the living room of our small apartment in Hollywood, Florida I witnessed on my old 19" color TV, (you know the ones with the big "tube" like screen) a short man ...
Kelsey Langea year ago
Best Players Who Never Won the World Cup
From Messi and Ronaldo, Eusebio and Marco van Basten, these ten players who never won the World Cup have made their mark on soccer history without having a single World Cup victory under their belt. W...
Stephen Clearya year ago
Most Memorable Women's World Cup Moments of All Time
The top ten most memorable women's World Cup moments that will have any soccer fan excited for next year's tournament. From comebacks to simple solo celebrations, these teams are sure to leave their m...
Yousef Sa2 years ago
World Cup 2018 Group A Analysis
Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay
Kelsey Lange2 years ago
Greatest Comebacks in World Cup History
Surprising comebacks within any sport are exciting. Though there might not be as much action compared to football, rugby, or wrestling, soccer matches can be equally as unpredictable. And that's why t...
Jake Pine2 years ago
Biggest Upsets in World Cup History
The World Cup has long been known to have twists and turns in every match. With each tournament, it's never easy to figure out what will happen next. Though unpredictability is the name of the game, t...
Quintin Lacey2 years ago
French Victory in Russia 2018?
With the next World Cup coming up just next year, it is time to look at one of the major contenders for the trophy. France has been a dominant side in international football for ages, their most succe...