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Everything you need to know about the cutthroat road to the FIFA World Cup; predictions, soccer statistics and World Cup history.

Alberto Huichapa8 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group F
Without a doubt, this was the craziest and most dramatic group of this World Cup. The group was destined to be a good one prior to the initial kick off but football fans around the world who were give...
Alberto Huichapa8 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group E
Group E was a stubborn group. Brazil, like many predicted, finished top of the group. Switzerland finished in second place and Serbia in third, following Serbia’s 2-0 loss to Brazil in the group final...
Alberto Huichapa9 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group C
Group C gave us the first memorable use of Video Assistant Referee, or VAR. Antoine Griezmann’s penalty was denied, only for VAR to come into use and award France the lead against Australia, a game in...
Alberto Huichapa9 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group D
One of the more exciting groups of the 2018 World Cup, the drama and intensity of the group was seen all the way to the group finale. Croatia topped the group after dominant performances in their thre...
Alberto Huichapa9 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group B
Though the final standings of Group B were no surprise, achieving the group positions were much more dramatic than anticipated. Thus the saying, “Anything can happen at the World Cup,” lives within Gr...
Alberto Huichapa9 months ago
World Cup Group Stage Rundown
Group A closed off without any shocking surprises. Uruguay topped the group and Russia followed behind in second. Saudi Arabia’s 2-1 win over Egypt put them at third, leaving The Pharoah's at the bott...
Robert Bernstein9 months ago
4 Signs That Point to Soccer's Continued Growth in the United States
With news breaking that 2018 World Cup TV rankings in the United States have dropped as much as 44 percent since the 2014 World Cup, it would be reasonable to conclude that soccer may not be on the ri...
Patrick Hollis9 months ago
Preview: Groups D and E
Group D South American giants Argentina are the first up, and they should make sure not to underestimate their Group D opponents. It could well be the last World Cup for Lionel Messi and therefore his...
Michel Roitberg9 months ago
5 Youngsters to Keep an Eye on at the World Cup
Every four years, the FIFA World Cup rolls into town with players looking to lead their country to international glory. Some of these players are international superstars, some are lesser-known player...
Jordon Dumenil9 months ago
Players That Should Be in the World Cup
The World Cup is a time where star players get to truly shine in front of the whole world and represent their country by winning one of the most prestigious awards in sports. Sadly not all star player...
Patrick Hollis9 months ago
Group C Preview
France are first up in group C. The hosts and losing finalists of Euro 2016 will be up for righting those wrongs in Russia. Two years ago, they fell at the final hurdle to a determined and well-drille...
Jay Eccles9 months ago
World Cup 2018 Preview: Russia
Russia obviously qualified for World Cup 2018 via way of hosting the tournament, but what is their pedigree? Well, it's slightly complicated due to the fact that Russia was known as the Soviet Union f...
Michel Roitberg9 months ago
6 Reasons Argentina Could Actually Win the World Cup in 2018
Let's be honest: we all kind of want to see Argentina win the World Cup. It's been 32 years since that night at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico where Diego Maradona and Argentina lifted their last World ...
Johnny Ball9 months ago
Who Will REALLY Win the World Cup
I recently read a post on who'll win the World Cup in Russia once it begins in the coming weeks. Long story short, the writer had Wales down as the 6th favourites and Poland as the 10th. Despite an un...
Patrick Hollis9 months ago
Group B Preview
Group B will arguably provide one of the most highly anticipated matches of the first stage of this summer’s World Cup. Spain and Portugal will go head to head on 15th June in a match where the winner...
Patrick Hollis9 months ago
2018 FIFA World Cup: Group A Preview
This summer’s World Cup is just days away and to get set for the most highly anticipated football tournament on the planet, I’ve previewed each group to assess who will make it to the knockout stages....
Russia 2018
We are days away from the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Days away from the tournament that will pit the 32 best teams in the world on one stage competing for soccer hegemony. The stars have aligned and will be...
Dedrick Harrison9 months ago
Why You Should Watch the Russia 2018 World Cup
Soccer is the biggest sport in the world. Soccer is international. Soccer is played in almost every country of the world. 4 billion fans watch professional soccer. Soccer is so captivating and attenti...