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Everything you need to know about the cutthroat road to the FIFA World Cup; predictions, soccer statistics and World Cup history.

Alicia Springera month ago
Countries That Have Won the Most World Cups
Every four years, the world comes together to watch a sport known to most around the world as football, but known in the United States as soccer, to continue the tradition that has been kept alive for...
Nick Paroni4 months ago
Sexiest World Cup Players of 2018 — Starting Eleven
The World Cup is over. The 2018 World Cup jerseys have all been hung up, and France is going home with the Golden Trophy. One of the biggest spectacles in sports lasted for over a month. It attracted ...
Lem Binge4 months ago
Mesut Özil: World Cup Hero and German Scapegoat
Lambasted by the German media and DFB (German Football Association) President Reinhard Grindel over his Turkish ancestry, Mesut Özil has retired from International football. After being named German N...
Moiz Munif5 months ago
European Dominance at FIFA World Cup 2018
FIFA World Cup—Europe's triumph: What does it mean for the rest of the world? EUROPEAN supremacy continued at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ with France eventually claiming the prestigious crown, and I beli...
Alicia Springer5 months ago
All of the Soccer Cleats Worn at the World Cup 2018
A total of 736 players represented 32 nations at the recently concluded World Cup. There were a lot of familiar names in the mix, while some became famous over the course of the tournament. However, m...
Rob C5 months ago
Allez Les Bleus!
Wow... wow... WOW! What an amazing World Cup! I mean they're all amazing, who am I kidding, but this one was one for the books. You saw Croatia make it to the finals for the first time ever, Peru back...
Vaden Chandler5 months ago
Croatian Firefighters Show the Heart of First Responders as Duty Calls Even During the World Cup
As the 2018 World Cup draws to a close, we often realize that the heart of a champion often doesn't just reside in the realm of sports. Some Zagreb, Croatia firefighters demonstrated this first hand as they were watching the penalty kick to see whether their home country of Croatia would be able to advance to the final match last week. The tension was palpable in the air as these men cheered on their home team. However, as they were enmeshed in the football match, the fire siren went off and no ...
Hannah Marland5 months ago
Why the 2018 World Cup Mattered So Much to England
At the time of writing it is the 15th July, 2018; the day of the final match of the 2018 world cup, which will take place between France and Croatia. The past 25 days have been filled with tension, te...
Peter Mawson5 months ago
This Wasn’t the Tournament England Deserved, But It Was the One that It Needed
So it’s happened again, England have once more not returned with the world cup held aloft. All that money you spent on the shirts and flags gone to waste and we resort to the beer and chocolate to com...
Peter Ellis5 months ago
It's More Than Just a Game
Last night, England went out of the 2018 World Cup after a semi-final defeat to Croatia. A game of two very different halves before extra time, England possibly could've wrapped the game up and been t...
Katie Thurston5 months ago
Why It's More Than 'Just a Game'
At roughly 21:37 on 11 July 2018, the hearts of a nation simultaneously broke. But while football might not be coming home, "it" definitely has. Football has been an integral part of my life for as lo...
Patrick Hollis5 months ago
World Cup 2018
Before a ball had even been kicked in Russia, England fans across the land were saying that football is coming home. In 99 percent of cases, this was done ironically. Yet with each victory, the optimi...
Harry Marsh5 months ago
What Would Winning the World Cup Really Mean for England?
What would winning the World Cup really mean for England? It's been 52 years since England last won a World Cup, but are we about to see another monumental moment in English history? England is curren...
Katie Pevreall5 months ago
It Almost Came Home, But Should We Be Worried About What it Was Coming Home To?
The World Cup might be the most revealing political moment of 2018 so far. Whether you consider those engaging with the World Cup and celebrating in the streets just fans or football hooligans, the fa...
Harry Marsh5 months ago
Kylian Mbappé, a Future World Great
If you know anything about football, then you'll know that world class young talent like Kylian Mbappé are rare and need to be treasured. Having lit up the French league for the past 2 seasons, he's s...
Alberto Huichapa5 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group H
The final group of the World Cup was a very competitive one, with each team having their own set of unique skills and traits that make them fierce competitors. Thus, Group H was one of the more entert...
Alberto Huichapa5 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group G
The most predictable group at this World Cup. The question that many asked: Who would finish first, Belgium or England? At the end of the group finale, it was Belgium. A Januzaj screamer was enough fo...
Alberto Huichapa5 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group F
Without a doubt, this was the craziest and most dramatic group of this World Cup. The group was destined to be a good one prior to the initial kick off but football fans around the world who were give...