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Movie reviews for the soccer fanatic; films depicting memorable football moments, underdog stories and documentaries on the real history of soccer.

Blake O'Connor10 months ago
Best Soccer Movies Based on True Stories
WARNING! This list does not contain the best fictional soccer movie ever made, Shaolin Soccer. However, this list does contain the greatest soccer movies based on true stories ever to grace the big sc...
Brad Goulda year ago
Best Soccer Documentaries on Netflix
With the 2018 World Cup heating up in Russia and international fans heating up around the globe, it seems like everyone is obsessed with soccer. The beautiful game has been dominating the media for wh...
Nicola P. Younga year ago
Best Soccer Movies on Amazon Prime in 2018
From inspiring tales of adversity and triumph to close-up biographic films of your favorite professional players and teams, and even comedies and dramas, there are a lot of ways to get some soccer in ...
Mark Turner2 years ago
Best Soccer Documentaries to Watch
Documentaries are not only informative but inspiration. Sports documentaries provide this as well as some great action and motivation. What makes your favorite athletes who they are? What are the inne...
Kelsey Lange2 years ago
Best Soccer Movies on Netflix
Netflix definitely has it all when it comes to movie genres, sports movies being one. Narrow down your favorite sport, and watch all the sports movies you want! We have created a list of only the best...
Mark Turner2 years ago
Best Soccer Movies Ever Made
As one of the world's most popular sports, soccer is bound to the be the topic of many popular movies. Filmmakers portray the beautiful sport in many different ways, allowing sports fans to view their...