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Peter Douthit15 days ago
USMNT Roster for Mexico-Uruguay Friendlies
Next month, the US plays two friendlies against Mexico on Sept 6th at Metlife Stadium, NJ, and Uruguay on the 10th in Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Not only are these games preparation for Nations Leagu...
Peter Douthita month ago
State of the Player Pool
When Gregg Berhalter was announced as the new coach of the US in September last year, one of the biggest talking points surrounded the team’s veterans. Who stays and who goes? The Altidore/Bradley vit...
Nate S2 months ago
What Is the Future of Soccer in the United States?
It is impossible to ignore the United States Men’s National Team’s inability to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, placing themselves, the world’s third largest country by population, outside of the top ...
Craig Middleton2 months ago
The Future of the MLS
Major League Soccer, commonly abbreviated as MLS is the highest professional soccer league that contains 21 teams from the United States and three teams from Canada. It is organized, managed, and supe...
Yannis Kanga10 months ago
MLS Playoffs Predictions
After a long season, the playoffs are finally upon us. There won’t be easy matchups. Will there be controversy? Will there be an upset? Will the Cup end up in the East or the West? Only time will tell.
Kyle Clayton10 months ago
Is a North American 'Super League' the Solution for North American Soccer?
North American soccer has received heavy criticism in recent years for the formatting of the CONCACAF Champions League, North/Central America’s version of the famed European competition. This criticis...
Alicia Springera year ago
Best Soccer Universities in the US
Sure, having the best cleats and must have women's soccer gear can help you get a leg up against the competition, but it takes hard work, stamina, and the right coaching and team to really make it in ...
Jesse Kinneya year ago
Best Soccer Forwards of All Time
No disrespect to any defenders, defensive midfielders, or goalkeepers, as all of those positions are important and necessary to win, but forwards are why we watch soccer. We tune in to watch offensive...
George Nekilana year ago
Best MLS Head Coaches
There are so many talented athletes and coaches in soccer, but we definitely do have our favorites. We'll mainly appreciate the players and coaches from the teams we're biggest fans of. It only makes ...
John Watsona year ago
MLS 2018 Season Begins
2018 Major League Soccer started on Saturday, March 3, with a number of surprises already delivered. The reigning champions, Toronto FC, were humbled in their own building in a 2-0 loss to Columbus. M...
Gerald Oppugnea year ago
Youngest Players in Major League Soccer
If you missed the oldest players in Major League Soccer, I suggest you check that out right now. The youngest, however, aren't as skilled or as noteworthy as the oldest, and tend to be ignored more so...
James Fangsa year ago
Winningest Major League Soccer Players of All Time
Major League Soccer is a men’s professional soccer league controlled by the US soccer that represents the sport’s highest level in both the US and Canada. And MLS features so many valuable teams like ...
Johnson Bernard2 years ago
Major League Soccer's Most Valuable Teams
What does it take for a MLS squad to become deemed most valuable? A lot, and then some. Major League Soccer has no shortage of valued teams, and with a variety of places to choose from, whether it be ...
Adrian Scott2 years ago
Major League Soccer's Highest Earners
The Major League Soccer's highest earners are the most expensive players for the league this past season. 2017 was a great year for these athletes, ranging from salaries from $2.6 million all the way ...
Stephen Cleary2 years ago
Best Mexican Soccer Players of All Time
From Hugo Sanchez to Jared Borgetti, do you agree with the top Mexican soccer players? From strikers to defenders, these players are sure to inspire any soccer fan. Mexico is home to some of the most ...
George Nekilan2 years ago
Worst MLS Venues of All Time
In soccer, especially Major League Soccer, if we want to attend a live game, we expect the venues to be amazing. We want venues that can fill up to 100,000 screaming, diehard soccer fans. Or venues wi...
Jack Emerald2 years ago
David Beckham Returns to the MLS
Miami hasn’t had an MLS franchise since 2001, when the Miami Fusion went under. But on Monday, that changed, as the MLS granted the Beckham Group an expansion team. And the Latino population couldn’t ...
Peter Mastne2 years ago
24 Players I Think Should Be Called up for January Camp 2018
So here we are. 2018. A new year is always a chance at a new start, and for fans of the U.S. men's national team, the January camp represents a clean slate. We won't be going to the World Cup this yea...