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Connor Brighton5 months ago
10 Must Haves for Youth Soccer Players
Once upon a time, I was a youth soccer player, going from league to league and annoying the crap out of my parents in the process. Throughout my young playing career, there were tons of things I wish ...
Joe Beech5 months ago
Can Sunderland Come Back?
Relegation from the Premier League in the 2016/2017 season saw Sunderland placed in the second tier of English Football, the championship. A few of the clubs better players left during the summer, inc...
Kayleigh Taylor5 months ago
The Future of Manchester United
Manchester United Manager Takeover
The 10 Best Soccer Books Every Player Should Read
I know what you're thinking: "Soccer is about playing, not reading!" Well, you're right in one sense. You can't become a great soccer player without, you know, playing soccer. There is another dimensi...
Joseph Hart-Winks7 months ago
How the Fuck Are We Winning This?
A Scottish Football Short Story
Cindy Brunswig7 months ago
Goodbye Soccer
Soccer was a sport I grew up playing, I can’t even remember when I first touched a ball because it was so long ago. Never in a million years did I think I was going be saying bye. I grew up playing re...
Morgan E. Westling7 months ago
Best Soccer Balls for Juggling
If you can juggle a soccer ball or are looking to learn to juggle, there are many soccer balls that can help you do just that. In fact, the secret in juggling is not necessarily in the ball, but in yo...
Yannis Kanga7 months ago
Best Premier League Signings of 2018-19 so Far
There have been many new faces in the Premier League this season and a number of players have already impressed in their new clubs.
Yannis Kanga7 months ago
My Top 3 Candidates for the U.S. Men's National Team Coach
Since the failure of 2018, there has been a long debate as to who should be the new manager of the U.S. Men's National Team (USMNT). The current interim coach, Dave Sarachan, has done a great job of i...
Whitney O7 months ago
Should We Still Rate the UCL?
The UEFA Champion’s League, since its induction in 1955, has been considered the top trophy in European football. Often compared to the Super Bowl, though it’s debatably much bigger, the competition t...
George Herman8 months ago
Soccer Player's Guide to Foot Care
Do you think the best US Men's soccer players got that title without taking care of their precious pigs? Every footballer benefits from a soccer player's guide to foot care. In this game, your feet ar...
Andrew Macfarlane8 months ago
Three of the Best Ever British Managers
The word ‘Legend’ is often over used. That sentence alone has become something of a cliché in itself but the word legend still exists and is banded around as if being a club legend was a simple task to achieve. However, some people deserve a status much higher than this word can justify as some have gone above and beyond turning a football club from a good one, into a great one. We take a look at some of the greatest ever British managers to grace the beautiful game. Bill Nicholson – Tottenham H...
Kristen F8 months ago
Kicking and Screaming
In June of 1974, the Chilean National Football team or “la Roja” gathered for a speech presented by their head of state, Augusto Pinochet, before being sent abroad to the World Cup. Only nine months e...
Matt Woodburn8 months ago
Man Utd Managerial Debate
Despite a fantastic second-half comeback in a recent game against Newcastle (at home on October 6) there still remains speculation as to how long Jose Mourinho will remain the manager at Man Utd. This...
Yannis Kanga8 months ago
Why Borussia Dortmund Will Be This Season’s Bundesliga Champions
Over the last few years, Dortmund has always come close to winning the title but every year, they disappointed. At times due to injuries, other times due to defensive issues and lack of debt in the squad. They were far away from the Dortmund that many expected to be Bayern’s biggest challenger for the title. I believe that this year will be different. The recent moves made by the team show that they’re moving in the right direction.
Connor Sands8 months ago
Youth Football
Football (or soccer) is the most popular sport all over the world, where people enjoy going to watch a game or play as a part of one, and has seen the likes of Pele, Ronaldinho, and Maradona play the ...
Yannis Kanga8 months ago
Frenkie de Jong, a Future Star in the Making
The name Frenkie de Jong may not sound familiar for most people. The Eredivisie (Dutch 1st division) is not a highly televised league like the Premier League or La Liga, but it’s a league with lots of...
Morgan E. Westling9 months ago
Things You Should Always Carry in Your Soccer Bag
As a soccer player, knowing what to carry in your soccer bag is important, because on game day, you don’t want to be left without any of the essentials. Playing soccer requires a lot of accessories, a...