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Jack Harris13 days ago
Archibald Leitch
For many of you who didn’t know, football, i.e. soccer, has been around for the best part of 200 years. This was when the modern football rules and codes, that we would associate with today's game, we...
Q-ell Betton16 days ago
Oh, Danny Boy, the Racism Is Calling
Full disclosure: I am an Arsenal fan. For those who are not into football (soccer to our American cousins), even though the game here is played predominantly with the feet! Arsenal football club and t...
Rose Soursa month ago
World Cup Football - The Greatest Show on Earth
World will witness once more the greatest show on earth by the second week of June 2022 year. I mean the FIFA World Cup Football, to be held in Qatar. Football is celebrated as "the beautiful game" an...
Kieron Parkinson2 months ago
SE Dons: The Team with the Best Mindset in English Football
Venture south of the River Thames and you'll find the SE Dons. Before watching, anyone would think that this is a typical Sunday league club; fluctuating performances, half-decent players and a bobbly...
Brett Tortorello2 months ago
The 10 Best Goalkeeper Saves of All Time
As a child, I was always stuck in the goal during gym soccer because of my lack of athleticism, horrific stamina, and inability to kick a soccer ball. But hey, I could manage to get some lucky saves o...
Jeremy Walker2 months ago
Liverpool vs Bayern Munich | Match Review
A big night at Anfield resulted in a surprising zero to zero draw between Liverpool and Bayern with Liverpool missing the big chances to put themselves in front. Sadio Mane went close in the first hal...
Joseline Burns2 months ago
Soccer: Play or No?
Forget the tabloid sensationalism. Let’s consider the reality of football. It’s 22 men dressed up like billboards, running around, chasing a piece of leather. It’ll cost you 40 European pounds per tic...
Matthew Evans3 months ago
Style or Success?
With style comes success. Great soccer players are remembered for their style and their performance in the game rather than the number of goals they scored. Ronaldinho, Zidane, and C. Ronaldo are all ...
Connor Brighton3 months ago
10 Must Haves for Youth Soccer Players
Once upon a time, I was a youth soccer player, going from league to league and annoying the crap out of my parents in the process. Throughout my young playing career, there were tons of things I wish ...
Joe Beech3 months ago
Can Sunderland Come Back?
Relegation from the Premier League in the 2016/2017 season saw Sunderland placed in the second tier of English Football, the championship. A few of the clubs better players left during the summer, inc...
Kayleigh Taylor3 months ago
The Future of Manchester United
Manchester United Manager Takeover
The 10 Best Soccer Books Every Player Should Read
I know what you're thinking: "Soccer is about playing, not reading!" Well, you're right in one sense. You can't become a great soccer player without, you know, playing soccer. There is another dimensi...
Joseph Hart-Winks5 months ago
How the Fuck Are We Winning This?
A Scottish Football Short Story
Cindy Brunswig5 months ago
Goodbye Soccer
Soccer was a sport I grew up playing, I can’t even remember when I first touched a ball because it was so long ago. Never in a million years did I think I was going be saying bye. I grew up playing re...
Morgan E. Westling5 months ago
Best Soccer Balls for Juggling
If you can juggle a soccer ball or are looking to learn to juggle, there are many soccer balls that can help you do just that. In fact, the secret in juggling is not necessarily in the ball, but in yo...
Yannis Kanga5 months ago
Best Premier League Signings of 2018-19 so Far
There have been many new faces in the Premier League this season and a number of players have already impressed in their new clubs.
Yannis Kanga5 months ago
My Top 3 Candidates for the U.S. Men's National Team Coach
Since the failure of 2018, there has been a long debate as to who should be the new manager of the U.S. Men's National Team (USMNT). The current interim coach, Dave Sarachan, has done a great job of i...
Whitney O5 months ago
Should We Still Rate the UCL?
The UEFA Champion’s League, since its induction in 1955, has been considered the top trophy in European football. Often compared to the Super Bowl, though it’s debatably much bigger, the competition t...