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Best Soccer Cleats for Bad Knees
Let's be honest, most new players could probably use general tips for buying soccer cleats, and it's important to remember that even the best soccer players get injured from time to time. Whether the ...
Joe Beech18 days ago
Liverpool off to Record Start!
After wins against West Ham, Crystal Palace, Brighton and Leicester City, Liverpool are actually off to the best start they've ever had to a Premier League season, much to the shock to many football f...
Mark Howarda month ago
"Can We Join You Guys?"
Soccer, the most beautiful sport in the world, has gained an outstanding popularity here in the US over the last decade. It's also one of the simplest, yet, most complex sports known to athletes. It o...
Nick Rackleya month ago
A Complete Premier League Preview
The 2017–2018 Premier League season was, well, boring. Manchester City had the league essentially won by Halloween, sapping the world's biggest league of a climactic title fight. Hopefully, this seaso...
Ivan Neychev2 months ago
Future of Juventus FC
Today, Juventus are taking on Benfica in the International Champions Cup. Fans will probably neither witness the eagerly awaited debut of Cristiano Ronaldo in the white and black shirt, nor will they ...
Brad Gould2 months ago
Best Soccer Documentaries on Netflix
With the 2018 World Cup heating up in Russia and international fans heating up around the globe, it seems like everyone is obsessed with soccer. The beautiful game has been dominating the media for wh...
Jack Dixon2 months ago
Christian Pulisic: The Next-in-Line?
When you consider the footballers that have graced the US Men’s National Team in recent years, their star players have rarely stood out anywhere other than in the US. The likes of Clint Dempsey, Jozy ...
Alberto Huichapa3 months ago
2018 World Cup Group Stage Rundown: Group E
Group E was a stubborn group. Brazil, like many predicted, finished top of the group. Switzerland finished in second place and Serbia in third, following Serbia’s 2-0 loss to Brazil in the group final...
Robert Bernstein3 months ago
4 Signs That Point to Soccer's Continued Growth in the United States
With news breaking that 2018 World Cup TV rankings in the United States have dropped as much as 44 percent since the 2014 World Cup, it would be reasonable to conclude that soccer may not be on the ri...