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Soccer vs Football

Football vs football. I choose soccer.

When people hear the word football, what comes to mind? Well, people in the United States would think about big men running to each other, but in pretty much every other country people think of men kicking around a ball. It would make sense for people to call it football since you  use your feet. If we are going to understand why the U.S calls it “soccer”. We need to know where the sport first started.

To understand why they call it “soccer” let's start with where both sports come from. The sport was said to be invented in England in the 19th century, but the Chinese claim they played soccer (football) before that, but that is another argument that we will not get in to. A sport where you kick a ball around was always around since 2500 B.C., “soccer” came from “association football” when the English heard that the Americans started to use the name "soccer" more than “association football” the British seen the term associated with Americans and started to use "football" instead. During all these people in America also made another game from “association football” and just called it “football”.

All the games came from “association football” the question is which sport is better. When it comes to American customs “American football” does fit with American ways, but why is American football not spreading in other parts of the world. When it comes to “American football” people in Europe don't like it because the time stops way too much. Compared to soccer that only stops halftime and never stops even when there is an injury. Football just has too many ads for everybody else. Football is just too complicated. If you ever tried to explain how it works to someone who does not watch football you know how hard it could be, now imagine explaining to the whole world. 

"Soccer" or "football" is the most viewed sport around the world. Soccer is just more popular than "American football". Soccer is more understandable making it easy for kids to understand it. Soccer is the most viewed sports worldwide. Soccer also called the beautiful game gathers everybody around every 4 years when the world cup starts. They say even wars stop when there is a world cup.

Soccer is growing in the United States. Would Europeans take United Stats seriously? time will decide but when the time comes soccer would be the only sport being watched (I think). American football is even losing popularity in the united states. Instead of moms taking their kids to play American football they take their kids to play soccer because they think their kids will get concussions. American football is getting a bad rep because of all the concussions and brain damage people be getting playing football. All the injuries in football are brutal. Watching two men tackling each other could be interesting but all the pain they suffer is almost just too brutal to watch. Don't get me wrong, it is not just that, it takes strategy and it is very athletic but with all the other variables it gets overwhelming. 

Call it what you want football (soccer) is a beautiful sport. There is no other sport as beautiful as it. when people that do not watch go to a soccer game in a stadium they will feel the passion. people who do not care to watch world cup would end up cheering for there country. Both sports have come along way, but the beautiful game is going far. If you never watched soccer I encourage you to go to a soccer game and feel the passion of the beautiful game.

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Soccer vs Football
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