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Real Madrid Summer Transfer Targets

Who could Los Blancos be targeting?

The summer transfer window comes closer every minute. Real Madrid are not having their best season this year, their La Liga hopes have been all but dashed by Barcelona and they suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Leganes in the Copa Del Rey. They are still alive in the Champions League however, as they defeated PSG by an aggregate 5-2, to advance to the quarterfinals. 

However, the failure in the league and domestic cup cannot be overlooked. President Florentino Pérez may be looking to upgrade the squad over the summer, but who would he target? Let's explore a few options that Madrid may look into. 

Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski has had an insane amount of speculation surrounding him the past few months. He is reportedly unhappy at Bayern Munich and is seeking a move to Madrid. Gasoline was poured onto the transfer fires when it was reported that he rejected a new contract from Bayern.

With Karim Benzema losing favor at the club, it is entirely possible that Madrid go after the Polish striker. Having him and Ronaldo on the field would give opposing defenses nightmares as both are incredibly effective finishers.

The only downside to Lewandowski is his age. The striker will be turning 30 years old in August. While that is not that old in the world of football (Ronaldo is still racking up tons of goals at 33), it might not make that much business sense to heavily invest in a player that may only be elite for a few years, if that. 

Thibaut Courtois

The former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper apparently misses Madrid and has been seeking a return ever since he left. Real's current keeper, Keylor Navas, has played well during his time with Madrid, but he will be turning 32 years old this December. 

Courtois will be 26 in May, just entering his prime. Both are world-class goalkeepers, but the Belgian international is six years younger and could be the future in goal for Real Madrid. 

Harry Kane

The English striker has been phenomenal for the past few months. Tottenham will do anything to keep their best player, like attach a price tag of over $200 million on him. However, in the end it is up to Kane if he wants to move or not.

As mentioned earlier, current Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema may leave this summer, so Los Blancos will need to find a replacement. Kane will be turning 25 years old in July and is currently tied for most goals in the Premier League this season with 24. He also is tied for second in the Champions League in goals with seven so far. 

If Real Madrid are looking externally for their next striker of the future, Kane is the best choice available, even with the huge price tag.


Stop me if you've heard this one before. Former Barcelona star forward Neymar, who was the subject of a huge move this past summer to PSG, has been linked to Real Madrid. The star forward has made Ligue 1 his own personal playground in his first year in France, as he has collected 19 goals and 13 assists in only 20 appearances. 

Unfortunately, he suffered a major ankle injury in February that will keep him out for several months. The hope is that he will return for the World Cup in June, but who knows if he will. However, if he is able to return and showcase his skills on the biggest stage in football, you can bet Real Madrid will be calling this summer.

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Real Madrid Summer Transfer Targets
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