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Manchester United News

What's been going on recently?

Recently, Manchester United's team have not been performing to the expected standard of the fans and the board. They are now only eighth in the premier league table, which shocking for one of them, (if not the) most powerful clubs in the English Premier League. With four wins, a draw and three losses, fans are becoming aggravated with the current standard of United's side.

A lot of people have started to blame the manager, Jose Mourinho due to his defensive tactics, poor choice when picking the starting line-ups and bad signings during the transfer market. In defense of the manager, when playing against Newcastle on the 6th of October, he managed to pull off a 3:2 win from a 2:0 bad start. This showcases Mourinho's ability to play aggressive and attacking football when his entire managerial position at Old Trafford is under a massive threat. 

Alternatively, people have also been blaming United's board. This is mainly because of the budget that the gave Jose during the transfer window. Jose was looking to buy a new center-back (Alderwierld) to improve the weak United defense currently holding Valencia (a former right midfielder), Smalling (an inconsistent center-back), Baily (known for being United's 'good' center-back and finally Young (a former left-midfielder. You can probably see why Jose was looking to improve his back-four. He was also unable to sign any attackers, only signing Diogo Dalot (a young right-back with a risky potential) and Fred (who hasn't really been playing that well.

Also, Jose has formed bad relationships with some of the players. For example, Paul Pogba (a previous record-breaking midfielder) has been reported to have bad relationship with Jose Mourinho. There has a video showing Pogba giving Mourinho some dirty looks, chatting with him and then clearly getting very frustrated with Jose for some reason. Rumors have been floating about saying that Pogba will be going to Barcelona FC in the La Liga or be moving back to his previous club Juventus in the Seria A. These speculations have been put to bed by Mourinho, but people still aren't buying the news. Especially due to this footage from the Manchester United training ground. He has also formed a bad relationship ship with players such as Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford as a result of the lack of play time and first team line-up picks that they have been receiving. Antony Martial was also rumored to move to a different club during the transfer market, but again these allegations never followed through.

Lastly, news about the potential signing of a new manager if Jose Mourinho was to be sacked. Most United fans want Zinedine Zidane to hopefully manage the club to victory. His three consecutive champion league titles at Real Madrid (a never before seen event) had put a little bit of hope back into all the United fans hearts. Furthermore, his highly successful career as a football player is also an appetizing aspect of his potential signing at Old Trafford as it shows he deeply understands the realm of football. 

In conclusion, three are different factors that could have led to Manchester United's downfall, but even though he may receive all the blame, it may not be all his fault. Zinedine Zidane is definitely not confirmed to come to Old Trafford. However, most fans believe that this would be very beneficial to the club as Zidane's experience and attacking style of play is a new opportunity for Manchester United to bring back another Premier League title, something that it seems only Alex Ferguson was able to do with United. All us fans can do is have faith in our team.

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Manchester United News
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