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Major League Soccer's Highest Earners

The Major League Soccer's highest earners will have you reconsidering your career path. Kaka earned $7.168 million in 2017!

The Major League Soccer's highest earners are the most expensive players for the league this past season. 2017 was a great year for these athletes, ranging from salaries from $2.6 million all the way to $7.168 million. 

Are you reconsidering your career path? These professional soccer players make money doing what they love every season, making Major League Soccer their home, and giving their fans an incredible season each year. 


Otherwise known as Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, one of Major League Soccer's highest earners, Kaka is the top paid player. Making a total of $7.168 million, he clearly takes the number one spot on our list. He first began his professional soccer career at the age of 18, and has since created a name for himself with each of his accomplishments. 

In 2007, he was named the World Player of the Year, and since then he has been known to be one of the best players of his generation. He is most praised for his passing ability, as well as his pristine vision as an attacking midfielder. Plus, he also shined in the positions of striker, midfield playmaker, supporting forward, and winger. 

Sebastian Giovinco

Ranking in just nearly behind Kaka, Sebastian Giovinco is number two on our list of the Major League Soccer's highest earners, earning $7.116. He first joined the Toronto FC of Major League Soccer in January of 2015, and was even named MLS Player of the week multiple times during his first season. 

Since then, he has been a star player for the year, being most known for being an incredible forward with quick and agile movements. His balance and dribbling skills are unmatchable as well as his ball control. Plus, his playmaking skills are some of the most effective on the team, and within the league. 

Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley is the captain and a midfielder of the Toronto FC in Major League Soccer. He earned a total of $6.5 million, and ranks in as our third spot on our list of the highest-paid players in Major League Soccer right now. 

He also plays for the United States men's national soccer team. He first signed with Toronto FC in January of 2014 and was sold to the club for $10 million. He is most known for being hard-working, as well as intelligent. Bradley mainly plays as a midfielder, and is praised for his creative athleticism and tactical intelligence. 

Andrea Pirlo

Though now retired, Andrea Pirlo is one of the Major League Soccer's highest earners, earning $5.915 in his final season, 2017. He first joined the MLS only two years prior to his retirement, joined the New York City FC in 2015, and also retired at the end of the MLS season in 2017. 

A player capable of many positions, he is not known for perfecting a single one, but being fluent in many. He is known for being a powerful midfielder, in multiple positions, a deep-lying playmaker and supporting striker, and many more. He was most known for his composure in his game, and while possessing the ball, he strived in balance, technique, and control.

David Villa

Earning $5.61 million in 2017, David Villa is a striker for the Major League Soccer club, New York City FC, as well as captaining the club. His nickname is El Guaje, which translates to The Kid in Asturian. He first joined New York City FC in June of 2014 and has since made history for the club as number 7. 

After his seasons with the team, he transferred to the MLS team Melbourne City, and then back to New York City until now. His playing style is most known for his goalscoring ability, as being one of the best forwards of his generation. Plus, we couldn't forget to mention his quick and agile techniques and dribbling skills, despite his small frame. 

Giovani Dos Santos

Giovani Dos Santos is next on our list of the Major League Soccer's highest earners, making $5.5 million in 2017. As a versatile forward, Giovani can not only play as an attacking midfielder, but a winger and a secondary striker. He plays for the Major League Soccer club, LA Galaxy, making his debut for the club in July of 2015. 

The signing of Dos Santos reportedly was a $7 million deal, signing him as a Designated Player. He then went on to make the roster for the 2016 MLS All-Star Game, as well as the 2017 MLS All-Star Game. He is known for his intense dribbling skills, technical work, and of course, goal scoring. 

Bastian Schweinsteiger

What might be his second to last season as a professional soccer player, Bastian Schweinsteiger earned $5.4 million in 2017. He currently plays for Chicago Fire as a midfielder. He mainly plays as a central midfielder, though he began his career as a wide midfielder. 

He earned the MLS All-Star award in 2017, his best year yet, and recently announced that 2018 will be his last year as a professional soccer player. He is most praised for being one of the best midfielders in the world, with a quick and wicked delivery and endless energy. 

Jozy Altidore

Beginning his professional soccer career at the eary age of 16, today, he is one of Major League Soccer's highest earners with a $4.875 million season with Toronto in 2017. Jozy Altidore is a forward for Toronto FC, and first debuted his career with the MLS team, with the New York Red Bulls in 2006. 

From then to now, he has created a name for himself as a star soccer player, with an incredible career under his belt. Known to be a powerful striker, Altidore is an incredible goal scorer and his height and strength is unmatchable. 

Clint Dempsey

A forward for the Seattle Sounder FC of Major league Soccer, Clint Dempsey takes the number nine spot for the top paid MLS players, making $3.692 million last season. He joined the team in 2013, and has since made 101 appearances in his career with this up until now. 

His transfer fee was a reported $9 million, gaining the number 2 shirt, a signature of his. He is known for playing an aggressive game, that works well for his ability, as well as being a strong athlete and an incredible team player. 

Diego Valeri

To complete our list of the Major League Soccer's highest earners, Diego Valeri takes the 10th spot. Earning a total of $2.607 million, Valeri plays for the Portland Timbers as an attacking midfielder. 

He was the recipient of the MLS MVP Award just last season, and won the MLS Cup Most Valuable Player in 2015, after leading Portland to victory in the 2015 Western Conference Final and the 2015 MLS Cup. He is known for being an incredible midfielder with intense focus and precision. 

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