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Vaden Chandler15 hours ago
Croatian Firefighters Show the Heart of First Responders as Duty Calls Even During the World Cup
As the 2018 World Cup draws to a close, we often realize that the heart of a champion often doesn't just reside in the realm of sports. Some Zagreb, Croatia firefighters demonstrated this first hand as they were watching the penalty kick to see whether their home country of Croatia would be able to advance to the final match last week. The tension was palpable in the air as these men cheered on their home team. However, as they were enmeshed in the football match, the fire siren went off and no ...
Dan Root16 hours ago
Croatia's Magical Run Ends In the Final
It's sad. Croatia, a tiny country with a population of 4.3 million making it to the World Cup Finals, only to lose. I was certainly rooting for Croatia and sad to see them defeated. Here is a recap of...
Ben Crabbe17 hours ago
Southgate's Revolution
On the day of the World Cup final, the England national team returns home following an incredible run which took them to their first World Cup semi final since 1990. This tournament has seen a steady ...
Hannah Marland20 hours ago
Why the 2018 World Cup Mattered So Much to England
At the time of writing it is the 15th July, 2018; the day of the final match of the 2018 world cup, which will take place between France and Croatia. The past 25 days have been filled with tension, te...
Peter Mawson20 hours ago
This Wasn’t the Tournament England Deserved, But It Was the One that It Needed
So it’s happened again, England have once more not returned with the world cup held aloft. All that money you spent on the shirts and flags gone to waste and we resort to the beer and chocolate to com...
Brad Gould2 days ago
Best Soccer Cleats for High Arches
Soccer players who have high arches on their feet can really relate to one another. If you’re anything like me, you realize that you are more prone to injury, especially when playing sports. A high ar...
Nicola P. Young3 days ago
Best Soccer Movies on Amazon Prime in 2018
From inspiring tales of adversity and triumph to close-up biographic films of your favorite professional players and teams, and even comedies and dramas, there are a lot of ways to get some soccer in ...
Peter Ellis4 days ago
It's More Than Just a Game
Last night, England went out of the 2018 World Cup after a semi-final defeat to Croatia. A game of two very different halves before extra time, England possibly could've wrapped the game up and been t...
Katie Thurston4 days ago
Why It's More Than 'Just a Game'
At roughly 21:37 on 11 July 2018, the hearts of a nation simultaneously broke. But while football might not be coming home, "it" definitely has. Football has been an integral part of my life for as lo...