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Goodbye Soccer

Saying Goodbye Is Not Always a Bad Thing

Soccer was a sport I grew up playing, I can’t even remember when I first touched a ball because it was so long ago. Never in a million years did I think I was going be saying bye. I grew up playing recreational soccer, and my dad was always my coach so I put even more pressure on myself to make sure I was playing to my fullest potential. Around fifth grade, I became more invested in the sport knowing it was something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life.

I started to play travel soccer, and I got placed on a team with all these girls a year older than me and I had no clue who they were. I remember when I got my team jacket I was so happy I wore it every single day, I finally found something I was good at and on top of it, I was happy with how I was playing. I started to grow closer to these girls I looked up to them every waking second and that made me raise my expectations for myself because I was the young one on the team and if I didn’t do amazing I didn’t want to be the one who was blamed. I remember soccer pushed my limits one night when at practice the drills became more intense and I went aside and told my coach I wanted to go home. I sat in my bed crying until my mom got home from work and my mom told me if I wanted to quit I could, but my coach said I have so much talent that I could really pursue my soccer career if I wanted. I got up the next day and decided that I would go back and continue to work towards my dream. The soccer seasons went by I had put in so much work year-round practices, tournaments, and games. My relationship with these girls and coach was beyond what I could ask for in a relationship. I started gaining medals, trophies and my scoring record was getting higher and higher. I was on top of the world I was reaching towards my dream with the best people beside me.

Then one day everything changed, my soccer coach came to practice with another soccer coach and announced that he was quitting and that this coach would be taking over. Soccer practices went by and my new coach split up our team and eventually new girls were coming and the old girls were leaving. It had come to a point where now I was the only original girl on the team. I made friends quickly and my coach was nice, but soccer wasn’t the same, these girls had a different way of playing and all the hard work I was putting in my whole life was going down the drain. With my new team, we never did tournaments, we played indoor but never practiced and outdoor practice was now only twice a week.

It was around Sophomore year when I noticed my talent was fading and along with that, I began losing my temper more because I didn’t have my friends or coach or the same amount of passion. I still loved soccer, and I still continued to play, but when senior year came the stress of school and just life, in general, was overwhelming and for that reason, I decided to quit the game I loved. Did I still love the game? I had a lot of stress, but I think the main portion of me saying goodbye is because I was losing my passion I wasn’t as good, the competitive aspect was gone and most importantly my soccer family was gone. I had lost my passion for pursuing soccer and just did not want to admit it. I am still in love with the game, but not like how I used to be, now it seems as if it causes me more stress. Now it’s time to move on and say goodbye. As much as I hate it, I have to focus on my life now, the present. I will miss you so much, but always remember the good times that made my life special. It’s time to move on, goodbye soccer.

Saying goodbye to something you love does not always have to be a bad thing. Soccer was a big part of my life than in an instant it was gone, but looking at my life right now I have been able to accomplish new goals. I have been able to work on my art and also have had more time to take care of my mental health. I will always miss soccer but now it is time to move on and find what else I can do in this world without soccer as my whole life. 

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Goodbye Soccer
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