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Completed Transfers and Rumours for Summer 2018

The Best of the Transfer Market

It came as a surprise that Barcelona signed Arturo Vidal. The 31-year-old Chilean who previously played for Bayern Munich seemed happy on German soil. But new head coach Niko Kovac has decided that he needs younger players and has given him the green light to leave. Arturo, an experienced midfielder will be helpful to Barcelona and will surely make it to the starting XI in almost every game of the Blaugrana. What are the other signings in this transfer season and what could happen until the end of the summer?

Fact: Leonardo Bonucci/ Mattia Caldara/ Gonzalo Higuain

The triple swap between Italian champions Juventus and AC Milan was one of the hottest sagas of this summer. After Ronaldo’s arrival in Turin, head coach Allegri decided that Argentinean forward Higuain had no place in the line-up and shipped him over to Milan where he was loaned for one season and the Rossoneri will have to pay 18 million euros for his stay. If they decide to buy him however they will have to pay 36 million euros. The deal between the two clubs became even more interesting when dissatisfied defender Bonucci, who left Juve last summer, was involved he was swapped for defender Mattia Caldara, 24.

Rumour: Axel Witsel

Belgian ace Witsel who plays for Chinese club Tianjin Quanjian is rumoured to join Borussia Dortmund. The former Benfica golden boy wants to return to Europe and play in the Champions League with German giants Borussia. His release clause is 20 million euro.

Fact: Barcelona sold Aleix Vidal.

The Spanish Full Back return to Sevilla after three years at Nou Camp. His fee is nine million euro. The 28-year-old did not find his place in the Barcelona squad. Most of the time in the Catalan capital he was on the bench or came in as a late substitute. Now, he will most probably find himself in Sevilla’s starting XI.

Rumour: Yerry Mina at Manchester United

Another defender who was not able to adapt well in Barcelona FC was Yerri Mina. The Colombian national who turns 24 in less than two months performed extremely well in this summer’s World Cup scoring three times in decisive moments. Since then, there had been speculation that Manchester United, who are searching for a Centre Back after they sold Daley Blind to Ajax. Barcelona who bought Mina this January for 11 million euro set a release clause of 100 million. Of course is Manchester offer a decent price, even if it is in the eight-figure range, the Blaugrana will likely agree. Whether Yerri Mina will be more adaptive in the UK compared to Spain we will most probably see in the next few months.

Fact: Mateo Kovacic

The FIFA World Cup runner-up Kovacic will be sent on loan to Chelsea FC. The 24-year-old who joined The Kings from Inter Milan in 2015 was a misfit in Zinedine Zidan’s squad in the last three years. It seems as if new head coach Lopetegui will follow the same policy. The decision to ship the Croatian national to Chelsea will surely be beneficial for Real. First, the winger will be able to play enough minutes and will return the form he lost during his excessive stay as he will be one of the few who would be expected to replace Ronaldo on the wing. Second, if he plays successfully in England his market value will go up if Chelsea decides to make the transfer permanent.


As always the transfer market will be the most hectic in the last days of the summer. English teams seem to be on the more active side of most transfers. Many big clubs are ready to do anything in order to stop Manchester City’s dominance in next season’s Premier League which will surely be the most star-studded than it has ever been.

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Completed Transfers and Rumours for Summer 2018
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