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Best Soccer Goalkeeping Gear in 2018

Whether it's for comfort or protection, having all the right accessories is important in soccer. Here is the best soccer goalkeeping gear in 2018.

In order to be a successful goalkeeper, one has to be quick, reflexive, and methodical. They also have to be protected and comfortable. Everything from choosing the right gloves to various pants and protection shields all protect the goalkeeper from injury. Any kick in soccer can be unpredictable. You never know when it could be heading towards the corner of the net or right at your face. Either way, it's a lot safer when goalkeepers are well prepared. Here is the best soccer goalkeeping gear in 2018. 

Youth & Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves by TimeBus

Every goalkeeper needs a heavy-duty pair of gloves. Soccer balls can travel as fast as 80-100 MPH, so taking a ball to the head or any part of your body is going to be a little painful. Even if you manage the swat it away with your hands, it's going to leave a mark. These gloves by TimeBus are perfect for younger players and adults and are made to prevent injuries. They also have latex padded palms and finger spines so it's easy to grip the ball, making them one of the best goalkeeper gloves to buy.

Men's Tierro 13 Goalie Pants by Adidas

These highly breathable pants are essential soccer goalkeeping gear. The Adidas Tierro 13 Goalie Pants will keep your legs cool and comfortable as you man the posts. Padding is included on the hip, thigh, and lower leg areas to keep your joints and muscles protected. The polyester fabric is also stretchable, so it'll move with your body when you dive for that hard-to-reach save in the back of the net. 

BodyShield Goalkeeper 3/4 Undershirt by Storelli Sports

Having the BodyShield Undershirt is one of the most important goalkeeper products available. Designed with a polyurethane foam padding on all parts of the upper body, this shield offers protection on impact. Though it may look heavy, the BodyShield Undershirt is actually very lightweight and has a breathable fabric that keeps you cool and absorbs any moisture. With the comfortable padding, this shield essentially molds into your body and you won't even realize it's there. 

BodyShield Ultimate Protection GK Shorts by Storelli Sports

Storelli also makes BodyShield Shorts, so parts of your lower body are protected and safe. These shorts are also impact resistant with a molded foam underneath. Available for both young players and adults, the BodyShield shorts fit most ages. Designed specifically for goalkeepers, this is a must-have among soccer goalkeeping gear. 

KixGK Raptor Goalkeeper Gloves by Kixsports

If you want to know what the pros use, here's a prime example. The KixGK Raptor gloves by Kixsports have been used by professional goalkeepers in the UK for years. Now available in the US, these gloves are perfect for any age group. Made with a German Giga Grip foam latex, you will be able to grip the ball in any kind of weather. These gloves are also incredibly comfortable, including shock absorption for when the ball is heading right in your direction. Wear these while practicing the best soccer goalkeeper drills and you'll be preventing points in no time.

Centinela Goalkeeper Jersey by Rinat

When you think about soccer goalkeeping gear, Rinat is one of the most trusted names in soccer products. This goalkeeper jersey will keep you dry with its polyester fabric absorbing most of the sweat and moisture. The Rinat Centinela Jersey also has forearm padding for when you take multiple hits to your upper body. So if you want to look stylish and stay comfortable, this Rinat jersey meets your needs. 

Fury Volt Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves by Renegade GK

These goalkeeping gloves by Renegade GK are some of the best, most high quality gloves you can find. Not only do they look cool, the Fury Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves include Endo-Tek Pro fingersaves, which will prevent your fingers from bending backwards, while still remaining flexible. Also included is a wrist strap that protects the wrists and a German padded latex palm and thumb. These gloves are not only comfortable and offer maximum protection, but Renegade GK will also completely refund your money if you're not satisfied. 

GloveGlu Revive Pack by GloveGlu

Essential to soccer goalkeeping gear is a glove care system. It's good to take care of your gear and accessories so you won't have to pay for new items. The GloveGlu Wash includes three different formulas that clean off dirt and grime from your gloves. These formulas will help keep your gloves clean, intact, and smelling better than ever. It will also help keep any bacteria away from your gloves, making sure your hands are clean. 

Premier Performance Soccer Headgear by Full90

With any sport, it's important to protect your head. This headgear is completely adjustable and customizable, depending on your head size. Using a Trufit System, the Full90 Premier Soccer Headgear offers full protection of the occipital lobe and padding to the back of the head. Forcebloc foam is included to absorb as much moisture and sweat as possible so your head will remain dry. 

Elite Supreme Glove by Elite Sport

These gloves from Elite Sport use a hi-tech fabric that acts as air ventilation for your hands. The Elite Supreme Gloves also include latex padded foam for your palms and thumbs. The thumbs are especially double wrapped, so you'll be able to easily grip the ball and won't have to worry much about injuries. Gloves are a very simple necessity for soccer goalkeeping gear, so finding the right pair is important, as is pairing them with the best soccer cleats for goalkeepers

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Best Soccer Goalkeeping Gear in 2018
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