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Best Soccer Cleats of 2017

Dribble, jump, run, shoot, and score in the best soccer cleats of 2017.

There aren't many sports that force you to run as much as the game of soccer. As a very cardio-based sport, soccer cleats are the most important tool to an athlete who is looking to play to their best ability. 

However, there are so many options for strikers, sweepers, stoppers, forwards, midfielders, and defenders, alike to choose from. Brands, price ranges, colors, build, and feel all come into factor when choosing the best shoe for your game. 

That's why we have come up with the best soccer cleats of 2017. Pick up a pair for yourself or for the soccer player in your life. 

Mercurial Superfly V FG Electric Soccer Shoes by Nike

For many, the Nike Mercurial Superfly V is one of the best soccer cleats of 2017, if not the cleat of the year. Though they might also be the most expensive cleat of the year, they allow for the most control of the ball while producing the top speed of your ability. 

The shoe is built to mimic the shape of your foot, for the most comfort possible. Plus, an external design is included for smooth ball handling as well as an AG-PRO plate for breathability and anti-heat layering. 

Men's Hypervenon Phantom III Dynamic Fit Soccer Cleats by Nike

Another option from Nike is the Hypervenon Phantom III, which offers a new skin-like design for both comfort and flexibility. A little less expensive than the Superfly, this cleat is still considered a more high-end choice. 

However, the quality is equal to the money sacrifice. With smooth performance and ACC technology for support and breathability, you can't go wrong with one of the best soccer cleats of 2017.

Tiempo Legend VI FG Soccer Cleat by Nike

Made with premium kangaroo leather, the Tiempo Legend IV by Nike is a great choice for strikers and defenders alike. Hypershield technology diminishes sweat by reducing water absorption, as well as muddy or wet playing grounds. 

A solid outsole is perfect for preventing slips and secures the foot and ankle with its firm material. Plus, the kangaroo leather allows control as well as a nice feel. Handle the ball with ease with this option. 

Purespeed FG Soccer Cleat by Adidas

The Purespeed is one of the best soccer cleats of 2017 for its name specifically. Looking for a cleat that will ensure your top possible speed? Look no further than the Purespped by Adidas. 

This cleat promises the most comfort, with a fit that molds to your foot specifically. It's as if the shoe was designed for you. A lightweight fit and a soft interior allows for easy running, dribbling, punting, and shooting goals

Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe by Adidas Performance

With such a classic Adidas black and white exterior, the Copa shoe allows for enhanced control and complete comfort. Perfect any technique with this kangaroo leather design. Created with a rubber sole, leather upper, and synthetic lining, the lightweight cleat is durable, yet lightweight. 

Plus, it can sustain in both dry and wet conditions and in any weather. Less pricey than Nike's options, yet still up there, this is a great option for a durable and versatile cleat.   

Magista Obra II FG Soccer Cleat by Nike

Another option from Nike, Magista Obra is one of the best soccer cleats of 2017, specifically for a midfielder. Still great for any position as a soccer player, this cleat has a great outsole design that adheres to the twisting and turning that a midfielder might do. Described as a sock-line fit, the Magista fits to your foot with subtle, yet comfortable cushioning. 

Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility FG Soccer Clear by Adidas

Another pricey option, yet revolutionary build, is the Nemeziz by Adidas. Created with a Torsion Frame outside and Torsion Ribs, speed and power are both factors that will be improved as soon as you lace up. 

Plus, the bandage system is added for extra support, as well as increased mobility and flexibility. All while remaining lightweight and comfortable, this cleat could not get any more impressive. 

Men's Evopower 1.3 FG Soccer Shoe by Puma

Designed with kicking in mind, the Evopower by Puma is one of the best soccer cleats of 2017 because of its impressive pinpoint of a skill. Accuracy and velocity were kept in mind while the production of this cleat was in progress. 

And the outcome is perfect for the most successful soccer players. The technology involved allows the foot to kick as if it was barefoot, allowing for the most power and the best efficiency. 

Women's Ace 16.4 FXG W Soccer Shoe by Adidas Performance

Definitely a more reasonable price, the FXG W Soccer Shoe by Adidas is soft, lightweight, and stable. Made with a synthetic upper and sole, the cleat remains flexible enough for the best control. 

It can be used in either dry natural gross, long-bladed synthetic fiber, or a hard ground due to the flexible ground outsole. Plus, you can look stylish with the colorful options for the trademark strips. 

evoTouch 2 FG Soccer Cleat by Puma

To finish off the best soccer cleats of 2017, we couldn't forget about the classic Puma shoe, with the standard black leather and soft touch. With both quality and ability, the cleat allows for the best performance in any condition. 

Keep your foot and ankle stable while still maintaining your top speeds. The SpeedTrack spine is perfect for a controlled dribble and kick, as well as quick pivots and unchallenged mobility. What more could a soccer star need?

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Best Soccer Cleats of 2017
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