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Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet You Should Buy

The top ten soccer cleats for wide feet will provide flexibility, comfort, and performance during your games.

Not every cleat is created for every player. And players with the inconvenience of wide feet know this all too well. That's why discovering which soccer cleats are flexible enough to combat your foot size is important to your performance on the field. 

Plus, you can even find cleats on the market that will provide a skin-like feel, while being flexible enough to collaborate with size. These are the top ten soccer cleats for wide feet that will provide flexibility, comfort, and performance.

Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat by Adidas

To begin our list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet, we have to start with a classic cleat such as Adidas' Copa Mundial. This cleat is created with quality, premium leather, perfect for a wider foot. 

The kangaroo leather is soft and comfortable, while the outsole is created with dual-density Direct injected polyurethane. The leather tongue is extended and supports the foot. This classic cleat was first created over 20 years ago, and continues to improve with its performance and versatility. 

Magista Obra II FG Soccer Cleat by Nike

Created with a 3D upper and FLyknit technology, the Nike Magista Obra II FG Soccer Cleat has a sock-like fit, making it one of the best soccer cleats for wide feet. The upper provides both control and cushioning, while still remaining lightweight. 

Perfect for a midfielder, the cleat is versatile and provides maximum traction. The cleat is created to mold to the natural shape of your foot, no matter how wide. Plus, it's supportive enough for any twisting and turning due to its high top soccer cleat style. 

Tiempo Legend VII FG Soccer Cleat by Nike

Another cleat created with Kangaroo leather, the Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Soccer Cleat is made with a foam skeleton for a soft touch and natural fit. 

Bladed chevron studs are included to add stability as well as effortless braking. The hyperstability outsole is included to provide helpful ground penetration. The second-skin feel and adaptive fit will not only reduce the weight but increase stability and traction. Your wide feet will comfortably twist, turn, and accelerate with ease. 

King Top Di FG Soccer Cleat by Puma

With a leather upper and synthetic back, the Puma King Top Di FG is one of the best soccer cleats for wide feet. Both lightweight and waterproof, the footwear is the ultimate choice for players with larger feet. 

For just above $100, this cleat is affordable and comfortable. The lacing system is perfect for stretch and provides comfort, control, and lots of room with its flexible materials. Though lightweight, the cleat also provides great ankle support, while providing a natural fit to the foot. 

Morelia Neo II MIJ Soccer Cleat by Mizuno

The Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ Soccer Cleat is one of the best choices for wide feet due to its K-leather upper and thin materials. The cleat is made to provide ample ball control and a flexible fit. Made with only the best blend of quality materials, each pair is created to ensure perfect structure, as if it is made for your feet specifically. 

It's built not only for comfort but speed and stability. It feels as if it's a second skin. However, it's also one of the most expensive soccer cleats on the market

ACE 16.2 PRIMEMESH FG/AG Soccer Cleat by Adidas

Next on our list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet is the Adidas ACE 16.1 PRIMEMESH. Though it's not created with leather, the upper is a flexible and lightweight PrimeMesh that creates a sock-like fit.

Ball control and endurance go hand in hand with the addition of these cleats to your soccer gear. Perfect for a wide foot, the technology is provided to improve performance and ball control. It feels comfortable and will suit virtually any player, no matter the size of their foot. Plus, its affordable. 

evoPOWER Vigor 1 FG Soccer Cleat by Puma

Puma's evoPower Vigor 1 cleat is created with synthetic material. The cleat is designed to provide flexibility and comfort, while still allowing you to perform to your best ability. The outsole is created to stimulate a barefoot kicking feel, while the central lacing system provides generous room for the size of your foot.

These professional cleats are created with every player in mind, a durable and versatile design that adapts to any foot. 

Premier II FG Soccer Cleat by Nike

Nike's Premier II provides the ample amount of comfort and flexibility any player needs. As one of the best soccer cleats for wide feet, this cleat has a leather upper and will mold to your foot with each use. 

A simple design that has a smooth touch and comfortable fit, the Premier II provides a lightweight feel. The footwear is created to aid in your top performance, while remaining both comfortable and versatile. Perfect for a wide foot, this cleat is moderately priced, and a big step up from cramped toes and a narrow fit. 

Mens Dd-Na 4 R Lpu Soccer Shoe by Diadora

Diadora's Mens Dd-Na 4 R Lpu Soccer Cleat is one of the best options for players with wide feet that are on a budget. At only approximately $50, this is one of the best soccer cleats under $100

This footwear provides a generous amount of room, lots of flexibility, and is created with soft and comfortable materials. The cleat is water resistant and includes a sock liner, perfect for providing a skin-like feel. Plus, the density studs are great for traction and durability. 

Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG Soccer Cleat by Nike

Last, but not least, on our list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet is Nike's Hypervenon Phantom III DF FG Soccer Cleat. This cleat is suggested for people who have large feet altogether. 

Though a bit pricey, the cleat is created to provide ankle support as well as agility during even the quickest movements. The mesh NikeSkin upper provides a soft and comfortable feel throughout the entirety of the cleat. Plus, it has a molded fit with both flexibility and cushioning. 

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Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet You Should Buy
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