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Best Soccer Books for Kids

The best soccer books for kids not only tell stories about soccer stars and teach techniques for playing the game, but they also inspire kids to love the game and to never stop pursuing their goals—on and off the field.

Soccer books can help young players learn more about the sport and increase their love for the game. These books tell stories about famous soccer stars such as Mia Hamm and Alex Morgan, who became legends that kids love to look up to for inspiration. A great soccer book for kids will not only teach children about the game, but there will also be a moral to the story, teaching them important life lessons as well.

Who Is Pele? by James Buckley Jr.

In Who Is Pele?, James Buckey Jr. uses a picture book to teach kids all about the soccer star who inspired the world through his journey from a poor Brazilian nobody to World Cup victor and legend. Soccer players of all ages will enjoy hearing Pele’s road to greatness. He now travels around the world working for UNICEF and inspiring young kids through their love of soccer. Buckley Jr. portrays this story in a way that young readers can understand. This is one of the best soccer books for kids because Pele is an amazing role model for children, both in the sport and in life.

National Geographic Kids Everything Soccer by Blake Hoena

Anyone who plays soccer or simply loves the sport will be entertained by the awesome photos and facts included in National Geographic Kids Everything Soccer. This is a great soccer book for kids who want a picture book that also includes a great amount of information about the game. Any child loves being able to visualize the sport in action when reading, and no one captures images better than National Geographic.

The Flea by Michael Part

The Flea by Michael Part tells the story of famous soccer player Leo Messi, who plays for the Barcelona soccer team. This is another great soccer book for kids because Messi is an also excellent role model. First playing soccer in the streets of Argentina, he teaches children to never give up on their dreams. Any child who has a young love of soccer is sure to love this book.

Stars of World Soccer: 2nd Edition by Illugi Jökulsson

In this second edition of Stars of World Soccer, Illugi Jökulsson guides readers through all of the biggest soccer stars to date. It features short biographies and awesome photos for all of the soccer players that fans will enjoy as they learn more about their favorite stars. This is a great soccer book for kids who want to get to know the game of soccer a little better because any true fan of the sport is going to want to know how the best in the game played and where they came from to get to where they are now.

For Soccer-Crazy Girls Only by Erin Downing

One of the best soccer books for kids that is written specifically for young girls interested in the great game is For Soccer-Crazy Girls Only. Not only is it informative, but this is inspirational as well. Many young girls may feel insecure about being interested in a sport that was once so male-dominated. Having a book that they know was made specifically for them will offer a great deal of support. Speaking directly to girls, this book will make young girls proud to play the game. It also teaches rules, strategies, and techniques to help new players improve with practice.

Breakaway by Alex Morgan

This autobiography by Alex Morgan is one of the best soccer books for kids because Morgan, an Olympic gold medalist and a World Cup champion, can be a great role model for children. Morgan writes this memoir about her experience playing soccer, starting from the very beginning in her days of childhood. Her path to success is not only inspiring for kids to hear as they grow up, but it is also one of the best biographies about female soccer players. It's a book that parents can show their children how sports can teach dedication, determination, and perseverance.

What Is the World Cup? by Bonnie Bader

In What Is the World Cup?, Bonnie Bader gives kids a look into the most popular event in soccer. Not only is this one of the best soccer books for kids because it teaches kids about the World Cup, but it also gives them a detailed history on what has changed in the World Cup since its beginning, as well as what is to come in the World Cup’s future. When kids read this book, they will get the inside scoop and they may even know more about the World Cup than some adults on the field!

My First Book of Soccer by The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids

Written by The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids, My First Book of Soccer is a great book for young soccer fans who want to learn the very basic rules of the game. This picture book describes the game's every detail, from the amount of players on a soccer squad to the basic concept of scoring goals. This is a also a great soccer book for any parents who hope that their kids will one day enjoy playing the sport (but mothers be ready, know what soccer mom necessities you can't live without on the pitch).

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Rise of a Winner by Michael Part

Another book written by Michael Part, Cristiano Ronaldo: The Rise of a Winner, tells the story of one of the world's biggest soccer stars—next to Messi—and his road to glory. Part does a great job of writing this story in words that kids can understand, but not without losing its inspirational and heartfelt tale. After reading both of Michael Part's books, even kids will be asking, "Is Lionel Messi the world's greatest soccer player? Or is it Ronaldo?"

The Everything Kids' Soccer Book by Deborah W. Crisfield

The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book is exactly what its name suggests: All-in-one, all-encompassing, everything. It's one of the best soccer books for kids, laying out the rules, techniques, and basic principles of the sport for all kids to learn and easily understand the game. With this book, kids will not only learn the game, but they will also learn to love the game!

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Best Soccer Books for Kids
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