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Best Nike 2018 USA National Team Fan Gear

The 2018 USA national team fan gear will help you represent your favorite team in style.

Represent the USA national team this year with their new line of gear. We have come up with a list of the best 2018 USA national team fan gear on the market. And that doesn't just mean soccer jerseys. While of course we threw in a few jerseys, we also featured shorts, hats, tanks, leggings, and even infant wear. 

Represent your favorite soccer team whenever you'd like with this impressive new line. Which calls your name the most? 

USA Home Jersey 2018

Of course, we had to start off the best 2018 USA national team fan gear with a jersey. The new design for 2018 is sleek and simple, yet powerful. 

Rocking red, white, and blue, the color scheme's design is unique, symbolizing the stripes of our nation's flag. The material is soft and comfortable, while the fit is snug and form-fitting. With the official USA National Team logo, you can represent the team with pride, because it's honestly one of the best soccer jerseys of all time.  

USA H86 Cap 2018

This is one of the best pieces of 2018 USA national team fan gear because it can go with anything. The only design is a USA badge on the front, which an embroidered Nike swoosh on the side. 

Made of a twill fabric, the cap is both lightweight and sweat-wicking. It is also adjustable with Dri-FIT technology. But most importantly, the simple design with the white polyester material looks sleek yet fashion-forward. Plus, it will look great paired with any jersey. 

USA Women's America Tank 2018

Women can rock the USA National Team, too. This is a loose fit training tank with a crew neck collar. The sublimate USA design covers the front of the tank subtly. 

The back of the tank features the letters USA in bold down the shirt. Plus, the material is sweat-wicking, in order to keep you dry and comfortable throughout any activity or workout. Pair it with the best women's cleats you need to have, and your practice round will be perfect. It will also look great when attending a game, or just representing your favorite team for the day. 

USA Authentic Away Jersey 2018

This is a truly authentic jersey among the best 2018 USA national team fan gear. There are a lot of reasons why you should buy authentic soccer jerseys, but what makes this jersey a little different than your typical one is the length of the sleeves. It is exactly what the players wear on the field. 

You'll feel just like the pros throughout your practice or workout. Made with the new Nike Fast Fit Vaporknit, it is both breathable and comfortable, maintaining a lightweight feel throughout the day. Plus, with an open-hole texture at targeted heat map areas, your airflow will be far better than a knockoff jersey. 

USA Home Short 2018

Complete your outfit with a pair of shorts to fully represent the national team. 

This is a simple pair that symbolizes the national team with their logo in a federation badge on the side of the leg, and Nike's swoosh on the other. With Dri-FIT technology, the shorts will never make you sweat, and feel comfortable through any running, jumping, or tackling. Plus, the stretch rib panels are contoured to make movement easy. 

USA Prematch Training Jersey 2018

Yes, it's another jersey, but this is the new training jersey. The USA training jersey features a sewn-on team badge and embroidered swoosh.

This also has Dri-FIT technology, so the jersey has complete moisture control, while the 100 percent polyester creates the ultimate comfort. As one of the best items of 2018 USA national team fan gear, the sublimated star pattern covers the entire jersey. It looks and feels great!

USA Women's Legging 2018

Who doesn't love a good pair of leggings? Nike leggings are some of the best and well-structured leggings on the market. So they amped them up a bit in order to represent your favorite American team. 

The leggings feature a branded flat waistband that will not dig into your sides, plus sweat-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable throughout your workout. Though they might look like just your ordinary Nike leggings, they have a small "USA" logo on the calf. 

USA Women's Crest T-Shirt

Another piece of 2018 USA national team fan gear for women, this crest t-shirt is perfect for a soccer game. Featuring a scoop neck and an athletic cut, the t-shirt is both comfortable and sporty. 

Molded to the body for a flattering fit, the crest shirt is sleek and soft. The t-shirt has three stars to represent three World Cup victories for the USA national team. 

USA Infant Home Kit 2018

This has to be our favorite addition to the 2018 USA national team fan gear, a Nike USA infant set. You and your children can represent the national team with some impressive gear every time you watch the game. 

Let them to show their support for the USA even at a young age, because no one's too young to cheer. This includes an official USA jersey, socks, and shorts in all kid sizes from Nike. 

USA Home Anthem Jacket

For an adult, though, this is our favorite item from the 2018 USA national team fan gear line. Much different than your typical jersey, this jacket represents the team super stylishly while also being pretty darn comfy. 

Though a bit more expensive than your typical t-shirt or jersey, this jacket will last you for years. Plus, you can rock your pride for the USA in a full-zip jacket no matter the weather. Featuring front pockets and partial rib waist and cub bands, the athletic fit is snug yet comfortable. 

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Best Nike 2018 USA National Team Fan Gear
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