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Best Goalkeeper Gloves to Buy

Protect your goal with the best goalkeeper gloves to buy for the most successful game.

Ever wonder what makes the best goalkeepers of all time, so successful? Their most famous games were not played with flimsy, generic goalkeeper gloves. To say that a goalie's gloves are their most important tool is an understatement. 

To start your career as a successful soccer player, you must maintain the confidence that a professional athlete has. This is easily accessible with the right equipment. 

As a goalkeeper, your hands are your most important aspect of your game. And with this being said, you need to protect and aid them in the best way possible, in order to perform to your best ability. We have picked out the best gear for the best goalies. 

Plus, this list of the best goalkeeper gloves can also be used as a great gift for the soccer player in your life. 

Goalkeeper Grip 2.0 Soccer Glove by Nike

It's easy to recognize that Nike is a brand that you can trust when it comes to athletic wear. These soccer gloves by Nike are a perfect addition to your gear as a goalie, that will not break the bank. Even for a more high-end brand, these gloves are reasonable enough to spend on a durable glove that will last you multiple seasons. 

With a latex palm and flexible fix, this glove will effortlessly allow you to grab and grip even the toughest saves. Plus, the wristband is adjustable to your comfort, and they look cool!

King Match 3X Goalkeeper Gloves by Brine

An even better option for the best goalkeeper gloves for those of you on a budget is the King Match Goalie Glove by Brine. With a mesh material and cushioned finger gussets, this product is made with comfort in mind. 

A backbone protection system is expected to prevent any possibility of hyperextension, as well as a thumb wrap for the extra guard during contact. Plus, you can't go wrong with the sticky latex foam grip that ensure the most successful grip. 

ACE Trans Ultimate Goalkeeper Gloves by Adidas

Adidas has produced some of the best goalkeeper gloves, the ACE Trans line being one of the top options for the most successful goalies. Built with EVO Zone technology, this glove will reduce the impact that the hand will receive when coming in contact with the ball. Also included, a stretchable, bandage wrist strap, flexible finger spines, and latex foam. Adidas has created this set of gloves with perfected match play in mind. 

Re:Load Pro G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves by reusch

Designed for professional-level goalkeepers, these gloves are the real deal. Definitely more of a luxury price with the German foam and weather-resistant material, this set is perfect for the more serious of soccer players. 

German latex foam is combined with Pro Flex technology for the most flexible grip. Plus, the deep thumb notch and adjustable Pull Loop system for closure is ideal for an easy fit. 

Serathor Prime G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves by reusch

A less expensive option among reush's options, this set is one of the best goalkeeper gloves because of its breathability. With a super soft foam backhand, mesh inserts, AirVentSystem materials, and elasticized thread, you can't go wrong with these gloves. 

You will play only your best games with help with this addition to your athletic gear. Plus, they're typically $50 less than the prior set. 

evoPOWER Vigor Grip 2.3 RC Goalkeeper Gloved by PUMA

PUMA has released some of the best goalkeeper gloves with versatility in mind. Performing effortlessly in both wet and dry conditions, protect the goal in any weather. 

Plus, the palm is designed with 4mm Ultimate Grip Latex, which will grip any incoming ball with zero effort. A textile base layer on the backhand and a mesh material for the finger and thumb create the most breathable conditions for your hands. The PUMA evoPower is a true work of art. 

Uno Premier NRG Pro Goalkeeper Gloves by Rinat

The Uno Premier Goalkeeper Gloves by Rinat are some of the best goalkeeper gloves because of the duo grip latex technology that adheres to the hand with a thin-feel and skin-like texture. 

Play your game with the most comfortable cushioning, but never be distracted by bulkiness or discomfort. Plus, they look super stylish and come in either red, blue, or white, with the number one on each backhand. 

Hugo Lloris Supergrip Goalkeeper Glover uhlsport

Uhlsport may have some of the most expensive goalie gloves, but this is for good reason. This specific line of gloves was worn by Hugo Lloris, one of the top keepers in Europe, hence the name. This is a great pick as it has Supergrip foam, 3D embossed Schochzone backhand elements, excess cushioning with 100 percent breathability, and an adjustable wrap-around latex strap. 

With a very unique style, and plenty of color and style options to choose from, it's clear to see why Lloris chose this gear to be part of his professional goalkeeping career. 

Elite Range Ghotta Infinity Roll Negative by HO Soccer

These pink gloves might seem a little dainty to be some of the best goalkeeper gloves, but they pack a punch. Coming in multiple colors, these gloves by Ho Soccer allow for an extreme grip with comfortable adjustments. 

Typically a more fitted glove than most, the roll finger cut guarantees security and effectiveness. Plus, the velcro system has three fixing points for a personalized fit. 

GK Grip3 Goalkeeper Gloves by Nike

We had to finish off the list of the best goalkeeper gloves with this classic pair by Nike. The Gk Grip3 line is both stylish and practical. With a 3mm contact foam palm, impact and grip are a match made in heaven. 

Plus, the Grip3 technology includes a wrapped thumb, pinky, and index finger for the most control possible. And finally, the backhand has complete breathability, with a mesh ventilation system for airflow. Plus, they're under $100. 

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Best Goalkeeper Gloves to Buy
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