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Barcelona's Greatest La Liga Memories at Vicente Calderón Stadium

Reminisce your favorite team's star moments with Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories.

Each Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona match is nothing close to boring. With fans on the edge of their seats, and some of the most intense energy in the stadium, we have narrowed down some of Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories. 

Ranging from blowout games to single-goal victories, these moments not only pinpoint the skills of Barcelona's history, but portrays the abilities of the entirety of the team.

Barcelona's La Liga has seen much of the beauty of soccer and how it impacts the world. Reminisce about some of the most exciting memories of La Liga history, and get excited for the following years to come. 

First Team to Win

To start off the list of Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories, we clearly had to begin with them completing the first win at the Vicente Calderon. The match was on November 1, 1966, following their draw with Valencia and win over both Sabadell and Las Palmas. 

The stadium was newly opened and was then called the Manzanares Stadium. Pedro Zaballa, a striker, scored a brace in order to lead the team to their Liga title. 

Ronaldo's Hat-Trick

Ronaldo Luis Nazario completed one of Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories with his impressive hat-trick, three goals scored in a single game, in the victory against Atletico Madrid in the 1996/7 match. The team won 5-2 after coming back from a 1-0 lead by Atletico, scored by Kiko. 

Messi's Winning Kick

It wouldn't be a list of Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories without mentioning Lionel Messi. This moment happened on the February of 2012's La Liga, in which Barcelona and Atletico were tied 1-1. 

With only 10 minutes left in the second half, Messi brought the team to victory by taking the opportunity to shoot the ball past the distracted goalkeeper, as the rest of the Atletico's teammates were forming a wall against the free kick. 

Stoichkov's Hat-Trick

Another one of Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories that involved an impressive hat-trick. Kristo Stoichkov scored three goals, two of which were scored within the first eight minutes. The team won the game with a total of four goals, against one of Atletico Madrid's. This game took place in the 1992/3 season. 

6-0 Victory

As one of the most famous victories in Barcelona history, the 2006/07 season win is believed to be the cause of Fernando Torres' decision to leave Atletico. He later went on to join Liverpool. 

In order to get to the 6-0 win, Lionel Messi scored two points, while Gianluca Zambrotta, Samual Etoo, Ronaldinho, and Andres Iniesta completed the rest. The team took this opportunity to portray their collaboration abilities and teamwork. 

Ronaldinho's Final Goal

One of Ronaldinho's most impressive moments was also one of Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories. During the 2008 match and Ronaldinho's final game, he completed a bicycle kick after an assist from Xavi, and resulted in Atletico's goalie failing to stop the ball.

Aiming from the penalty spot, the goal was a beautiful way to complete his career with Barcelona. Unfortunalty, the game did not end in a Barcelona victory, but was truly a win in Ronaldinho's heart. 

Messi's League Title Victory

Another example of Messi's ability, this moment took place during the 2014/15 Calderon campaign, after the following year being defeated by Atletico Madrid. This one single goal brought the team to win the 23rd league title for the Blaugrana in a 1-0 victory and is his 54th goal of the season. Time after time, this athlete has taken the opportunity to prove his ability. 

Midfield Score by Rivaldo

As one of the best scores of Barcelona history, Rivaldo made a goal by striking from midfield, proving himself to be one of the best Barcelona players of all time. This is definitely one of Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories, though it is not a complex story. 

And unfortunately, the score wasn't enough to win the game for Barcelona, while the ending score was 5-2, an Atletico victory. However, the goal will go down in history and will be a star moment in Rivaldo's career. 

3-0 Win in '00

As one of the most satisfying games for a Barcelona fan, the 2000 victory against Atletico featured goals from three different Barcelona players. Sergi Barjuan, Dan Garcia, and Gabri all scored on Atletico's goal. As one of Luis Van Gaal's last games, this win aided the team with the rest of their season's successes. 

100 Point Victory

Going into the 2011/12 La Liga, Barcelona broke their point record by scoring their 100th goal. This was following an almost perfect season for the team and left a mark in soccer history. 

This moment even broke the record for the most points that have been scored in a single season. Barcelona's players will forever remember being apart of a history-making game like this. As a result, this tops the charts of Barcelona's greatest La Liga memories.

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Barcelona's Greatest La Liga Memories at Vicente Calderón Stadium
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