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Worst Defenders in Premier League History
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The worst defenders in the Premier League history range from Frank Sinclair, who had troublesome moments scoring own-goals, to Winston Bogarde, who was believed to have played professional soccer just...
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Premier League Top Scorers of the Season
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From Harry Kane to Wayne Rooney, the Premier League's had some real stars emerge this season. Based on their statistics, ability, and athleticism, these athletes are best known for their incredible su...
What to Eat Before a Soccer Game
23 days ago
What should you eat before a soccer game? Lots of carbs. In this article, we will take you through the steps to have your best game yet, with the aid of a full stomach, lots of energy, and a newfound ...
Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet You Should Buy
a month ago
Not every cleat is created for every player. And players with the inconvenience of wide feet know this all too well. That's why discovering which soccer cleats are flexible enough to combat your foot ...