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The Best Gifts for Soccer Players
5 months ago
If there's one thing soccer fans love, it's a good soccer-based gift, whether that be quality merchandise from their favorite team, the latest version of FIFA, or some high quality, long lasting train...
Best Slip-In Soccer Shin Guards
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Shin guards are some of the most important pieces of soccer gear for any player, be it for those just starting out as a young player or a seasoned professional. That said, there are a lot of different...
11 Soccer Mom Necessities You Can't Live Without
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You want to see your kids play their hearts out and have a good time, but you also want to be fully prepared for every contingency to make sure that they can get the best experience possible. Soccer m...
How to Choose Soccer Shin Guards
7 months ago
Depending on your position, shin guards may seem like an absolute necessity or a simple nuisance. Nevertheless, many leagues and positions require players to wear this crucial piece of soccer gear, an...
Highest Paid Soccer Players in the World
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Though still growing in the United States, soccer—or football, to the Europeans—is internationally a multi-billion dollar industry. As with any field that involves the investment and interest of milli...
Most Expensive Soccer Cleats in the World
9 months ago
Any soccer player knows that gear is crucial in the game. Sometimes, you can make do with cheap finds, second-hand gear, borrowed gear, and other ways to save money, but one thing that many people are...