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Most Expensive Soccer Cleats in the World
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Any soccer player knows that gear is crucial in the game. Sometimes, you can make do with cheap finds, second-hand gear, borrowed gear, and other ways to save money, but one thing that many people are...
Best Women's Soccer Gear in 2018
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Soccer is tough. Brutal, even. But it's even more so if you're not well prepared with the best women's soccer gear you can find. It's not just a matter of comfort or appearance—in fact, those are very...
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Best Soccer Bars in NYC
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Americans are no strangers to sports fanaticism. But for many years, soccer has taken a very limited, secondary role in the hearts of American fans. Instead, the United States largely invested their i...
Best College Soccer Teams in the World
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Collegiate sports are great for athletes, students, and sports fans alike. They provide an outlet for competition, an exciting entertainment option, and a great method of exercise. And at the Division...