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Must Read Books About the World Cup
8 months ago
It is estimated that 3.4 billion viewers worldwide watched the 2018 World Cup, and it really comes as no surprise. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and the World Cup is a quadren...
Best Soccer Books for Kids
8 months ago
Soccer books can help young players learn more about the sport and increase their love for the game. These books tell stories about famous soccer stars such as Mia Hamm and Alex Morgan, who became leg...
The 10 Best Biographies About Female Soccer Players
8 months ago
Female soccer players are particularly interesting athletes to read about because they have struggled for so long to gain the same respect as male players. Biographies about female soccer players have...
Best Soccer Autobiographies
8 months ago
Some of the best soccer autobiographies have been written not only by soccer players, but also by coaches and managers who have participated in this beautiful game and helped form the playing career o...
Best Soccer Balls for Juggling
9 months ago
If you can juggle a soccer ball or are looking to learn to juggle, there are many soccer balls that can help you do just that. In fact, the secret in juggling is not necessarily in the ball, but in yo...
Best Soccer Balls Under $50
9 months ago
There are many high quality soccer balls under $50 that you wouldn't even believe were purchased at such a bargain. A good quality soccer ball has proper, machine stitching, good air retention that wi...