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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Soccer Shin Guards
a year ago
Choosing the right soccer shin guards is just as important as choosing the best soccer cleats. As a soccer player, you don't get much protection, so when it comes to choosing your equipment, you shoul...
Best Soccer Cleats For Goalkeepers
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For a position as important and unique as the goalkeeper, it is crucial to look into equipping yourself with the best gear, especially cleats. Finding the right pair of cleats for your position can se...
Fastest Soccer Players in History
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The top ten fastest soccer players in history will shock you with their ability to not only bullet down the field, but portray some of the best athleticism soccer history has ever seen. From Gareth Ba...
What Football Hooliganism Is and How To Stop It
a year ago
Football hooliganism is an issue in our society that has been around for centuries. To start spreading the word on how can it be prevented, we first must educate those unaware of the issue. So what ex...
Best Players Who Never Won the World Cup
a year ago
From Messi and Ronaldo, Eusebio and Marco van Basten, these ten players who never won the World Cup have made their mark on soccer history without having a single World Cup victory under their belt. W...
Highest Paid Players in the Premier League
2 years ago
The top ten highest paid players in the Premier League to make records with their salaries alone. These are the players that provide some of the best competition for their Premier League clubs. From s...