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Highest Paid Players in the Premier League
2 days ago
The top ten highest paid players in the Premier League to make records with their salaries alone. These are the players that provide some of the best competition for their Premier League clubs. From s...
Best Women's Soccer Cleats You Need to Have
a month ago
There are plenty of soccer cleats that are made with women in mind. But which is the top brand of the best women's soccer cleats? This article highlights the top then options for footwear, and the bra...
Who Invented the Bicycle Kick?
2 months ago
The ongoing debate of who invented the bicycle kick has been argued for decades. With multiple arguments to be made, we are going to touch on each of the possibilities, as well as dive into the techni...
Best Shooters in Soccer History
2 months ago
All of the action relies on the shooters in the game of soccer. Whether it be a free-kick, header, long-range, counter-attack, scissor kick, bicycle kick, volley, chip, or lob, the excitement of goals...
Greatest Comebacks in World Cup History
2 months ago
Surprising comebacks within any sport are exciting. Though there might not be as much action compared to football, rugby, or wrestling, soccer matches can be equally as unpredictable. And that's why t...
Best International Players in the NWSL
3 months ago
The National Women's Soccer League is one of the most competitive, intense, and interesting leagues to watch. It's the league of the most talented women in American soccer. As soccer's popularity begi...