Johnson Bernard

Father of four, married for twenty years, and yet I still have the energy to type this up at 1 am as little Timmy begins to wail from upstairs. I'm a fixer-upper and a family man.

How To Become a Soccer Referee
a month ago
It's actually a unique career path to accept, and I implore those who are serious to continue (as well as to never give up). You'll obviously be reciting a great many rules and regulations to yourself...
Best Goalkeeper Goals of All Time
a month ago
They might be better known for their saves and long passes, but goalkeepers like those presented below are some of the most talented, if not vilified in the sport. Not every name may be of historical ...
Major League Soccer's Most Valuable Teams
2 months ago
What does it take for a MLS squad to become deemed most valuable? A lot, and then some. Major League Soccer has no shortage of valued teams, and with a variety of places to choose from, whether it be ...
The History of FIFA Corruption
2 months ago
Disregarding the players and incredible fanbase for one second; all you're left with realistically is a multi-billion dollar corporation that heads the scheduling, maintenance, televising and governin...
Best New Women's Soccer Players of 2018
3 months ago
The beauty of soccer is that it's an open ended sport with a wide variety of angles and attitudes to experience. The female iteration of MSL has, in all accord, taken the US by storm in a newfound ent...
Fantasy Premier League Tips All Players Should Know
3 months ago
Odds are never in your favor when it comes to picking not only the right team in fantasy football, but a winning team. I think this concept, most of all, has become rather construed, especially when d...