Jake Pine

A former Division-1 QB and alt-country enthusiast

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2018’s Best Soccer Teams in the World
8 months ago
According to "Soccerex," a football (soccer) events firm that compiles data for annual reporting, there is an official list of the world's most powerful football clubs. As one report on the list has n...
Best Soccer Goalkeeper Drills to Use
a year ago
Goalkeeper is the most important position on the soccer field when you really think about it. An elite goalie can keep you in any game, even if the talent disparity is so wide where most think one tea...
Best Gifts for Soccer Coaches
a year ago
If you happen to play on a close-knit soccer team that considers itself a family, then you should get your coach something special this holiday season. Now, this doesn't have to be anything crazy. If ...
Biggest Upsets in World Cup History
a year ago
The World Cup has long been known to have twists and turns in every match. With each tournament, it's never easy to figure out what will happen next. Though unpredictability is the name of the game, t...