Greg Bond

Will always catch him wearing a tux on the daily. Goes by Bond, hates his name Greg. You’ll find him in high-end New York City bars making conversation with strangers.

Most Emotional Moments in Soccer History
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Soccer comes with a lot of mixed emotions other than the fierce attitude the players and fans have on. From the heartbreak after a tragic loss to the intense joy after defeating an ongoing rival, socc...
Reasons Why Soccer Is Better than Basketball
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Basketball is pretty up there among the best sports in the world. As simple as the game is, it's much more complex than you think. Since there's so many rules and regulations within the game, that's w...
Best Soccer Bags with Ball Compartments to Buy Right Now
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When it comes to soccer, we need to bring literally everything. Even if it's training, we need to have our cleats, shin guards, extra socks, goalkeeper gloves (if you're a goalie), and the soccer ball...