Gerald Oppugne

I have no idea why I'm here, but let's make the best of it shall we? I like to drink and smoke, so I'll keep you up to date on those worlds if you like em as much as me.

Youngest Players in Major League Soccer
a year ago
If you missed the oldest players in Major League Soccer, I suggest you check that out right now. The youngest, however, aren't as skilled or as noteworthy as the oldest, and tend to be ignored more so...
Oldest Players in Major League Soccer History
2 years ago
We wouldn't readily look up to the oldest athlete on the team, but they are easily the best role models we may ever get a chance to meet off the pitch, field, or court—wherever your athletics may resi...
Greatest Premier League Defenders of All Time
2 years ago
Truly memorable names, like that of Arsene Wenger and Steve Bruce, will be written into history as some of the most powerhouse defenders ever to take on the Premier League. The following identities, w...