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Has a vegetable garden in his backyard, 5th son out of 8 and is a sucker for chick flicks.

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10 Best Real Madrid Fan Jerseys for 2018
a year ago
The best part about being a soccer fan is getting your hands on all of the awesome merchandise. Since I'm a major fan of Real Madrid, I've been on the hunt to find the best merchandise on the market. ...
Best MLS Head Coaches
a year ago
There are so many talented athletes and coaches in soccer, but we definitely do have our favorites. We'll mainly appreciate the players and coaches from the teams we're biggest fans of. It only makes ...
Best Lightweight Shin Guards
a year ago
When it comes to soccer, we have to wear the best gear and protection that will benefit our performance on the field. Especially protection. Like the majority of sports, the chances of a player gettin...
7 Reasons You Need to Try Custom Insoles in Your Soccer Cleats
a year ago
Custom insoles in any shoes you wear automatically bring more comfort. Whether you have foot problems or you're looking for a more comfortable feel when wearing any of your shoes, insoles are your bes...
How To Protect Yourself from a Soccer Injury
a year ago
It's so easy to get an injury in soccer, in any sport as a matter of fact. Since we're hustling on the field or on the court, we tend to put ourselves at risk of getting an injury in any way. We somet...
Premier League Stars That Have Played for Both Manchester United and Chelsea
a year ago
There are so many sports players out there who've switched teams through multiple reasons. This can literally happen in any sport. From basketball to football, baseball, and hockey, so many players ha...