Fred Eugene Park

Fred Park is a writer, singer and guitarist with a deep passion for music, sports and history. Fred graduated from Purchase College in 2016 with a BA in history.

Best Soccer Goalies of 2018
9 months ago
If you were to rank soccer positions by importance, where would goalie place among the 11 players on the pitch? One should assume that goalie would be somewhere near the top of that list. Though it is...
The Best Selling Men's Soccer Shin Guards in 2018
10 months ago
You risk serious injury in the world of sports, if you do not have the right gear for your game. You wouldn't wear soccer cleats for baseball or ice skates for tennis. In any sport, there is critical ...
Best Nike Soccer Cleats of 2018
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Much like any other major sport, the game of soccer is always advancing and setting new standards for the future. As new stars raise to amazing heights and test the boundaries of their equipment, play...