Donald Gray

Politics may be a disgusting battlefield, but it is a necessary vice in our country, and a particular fancy of mine, like productivity and success. These are important facets in the modern world, and must be expounded upon.

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Best Soccer Cleats of 2017
2 years ago
There aren't many sports that force you to run as much as the game of soccer. As a very cardio-based sport, soccer cleats are the most important tool to an athlete who is looking to play to their best...
Best Soccer Books Every Fan Must Read
2 years ago
Football, as it's more prominently known in Europe, has a global following that idolizes players, clubs, and individual leagues, like Americans and their own home sport. There's loads of football book...
Greatest World Cup Goals of All Time
2 years ago
It's not easy to score in soccer, let alone one of the most prominent sports championships on the planet. While teams in the NFL's Super Bowl may get off somewhere between one and five touchdowns, a g...
Fastest Players in Barcelona History
2 years ago
This isn't the NFL Quarterly Awards; this is FIFA we're talking about; the original football. La Liga's FC Barcelona, otherwise called 'Barca' by most diehard fans, tends to play a variety of differen...