Dave Schneider

Former high school teacher and baseball coach.

Why Wilson's Traditional Soccer Ball Is the Only Ball You'll Ever Need to Purchase
12 days ago
Wilson Sporting Goods is the premier name in sports. You see it virtually everywhere, whether it's baseball, tennis, football, or basketball. You even see it in movies like Cast Away, where a Wilson v...
Ten Interesting Premier League Facts You Didn't Know
a month ago
The Premier League is the epitome of English football and the most watched league in the world. With so many stars to play in the Premier League and so many people watching, there's also a load of unu...
History's Worst Soccer Riots
a month ago
Rioting in soccer is fairly common. Its rabid fan base is worldwide and it often takes common rivalries personally. Most matches feature the casual drunken fan yelling profanities at one another, but ...