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Love sports and travel! Fan of almost every major sport and a soon to be world-renowned traveler (mostly interested in the food and drink of other cultures!)

10 Interesting Facts About Soccer
18 days ago
Although the exact date that soccer was created is not known and early versions date back to over 3,000 years old, England is credited with being the nation that gave birth to the game as we know it t...
The 10 Best Gifts for Cristiano Ronaldo Fans
6 months ago
There is, potentially, nothing more difficult than identifying the "greatest player" in the history of an individual sport. In basketball, the great Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James argument looms larg...
Best Gear for Liverpool Fans
6 months ago
I'd be lying if I said that Liverpool football wasn't on my mind all day, every day. As a former soccer player with bad knees, I can't get on the field as much as I once did, but I still have to get m...
Best Gear for Manchester United Fans
6 months ago
Most soccer fans can agree—Manchester United is one of the most iconic football clubs in the world. Their David Beckham era was certainly one that will live on in the memories of MU fanatics everywher...
The 10 Best Gifts for Arsenal Fans
7 months ago
There is no doubt that enthusiasts of the Premier League are some of the most passionate fans not only when it comes to soccer, but global sports as a whole. While the league boasts a plethora of lege...
10 Must Haves for Youth Soccer Players
7 months ago
Once upon a time, I was a youth soccer player, going from league to league and annoying the crap out of my parents in the process. Throughout my young playing career, there were tons of things I wish ...