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Gym rat pumping enough iron to become a muskrat.

Best Soccer Warm Ups You Should Be Doing
a year ago
The guy I've been seeing, Devon Thomas, has been coming to all my games. He brings a bottle of champagne to drink afterward. He always comes up with a reason to celebrate. He's a sweetheart. He asked ...
Core Exercises for Soccer Players
a year ago
Most physical activities are easier to do with a strong core. Not only that, but without a strong core, you're more likely to get tired faster, develop injuries, and even end up with poor posture. Tha...
Best Motivational Soccer Quotes to Remember Before a Game
a year ago
GODDAMN THIS WHITE SUPREMACIST PATRIARCHY! But God bless the United States women's national soccer team. They've won three Women's World Cups, including the first one; and four Olympic gold medals (in...
10 Most Feared Soccer Hooligan Gangs
a year ago
To say that football hooliganism sometimes entails violent behavior is an understatement. A soccer thug may throw a rival fan fifty feet to their death or toss an explosive into a police officer's car...