C.C. Curtis

Enjoys lounging in NYC bars, loves traveling to foreign countries, and volunteers at the homeless shelter twice a month.

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10 Things Every Soccer Player Experiences
11 days ago
Athletes experience a whole lot of different things compared to those who don't play any sports. From baseball to basketball, hockey, and football, players within these sports handle a lot off and dur...
Highest-Paid Managers in the Premier League
19 days ago
We all know that football players, especially the top scorers, make a lot for each match they play in. It also depends on which club they play for. However, so many of us are blinded by the phenomenal...
Best New York Red Bulls' Players of All Time
a month ago
Based in Harrison, New Jersey, New York Red Bulls are an American professional soccer club. The club competes as a member of the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer, and they're known to be amon...
The All Time Greatest Matches in Soccer History
2 months ago
We all know how thrilling and nerve wracking soccer matches are—especially when your favorite team goes head to head with your most hated team. Serious things can really go down. Either watching it li...
How To Clean Your Soccer Cleats Properly
2 months ago
Playing any sport is bound to make us filthy and sweaty at the end of a game. It simply shows how much effort we put into every game. However, soccer is definitely a sport that has us covered in dirt,...
Best Soccer Cleats Under $100 You Need to Have
2 months ago
Without a pair of soccer cleats, it can be tough to play soccer, especially if you're playing on natural grass. You can easily lose your grip on the ground and slide from your quick turns and fast pac...