Alicia Springer

Mother of two. Personal trainer. Fitness is about determination, not age.

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Best Women's Goalkeeper Gloves
9 months ago
As much as we'd all like to admit that there are no gender gaps in our modern world, even the popular sport of soccer depicts that there still are. Just consider the wage gap between US Men's soccer p...
Countries That Have Won the Most World Cups
10 months ago
Every four years, the world comes together to watch a sport known to most around the world as football, but known in the United States as soccer, to continue the tradition that has been kept alive for...
Best Cleats Under $50
10 months ago
Coming across heavy duty cleats under $50 can be hard. After all, most people are going to want cleats that don't just get them through the soccer or football season, but instead provide longevity for...
All of the Soccer Cleats Worn at the World Cup 2018
a year ago
A total of 736 players represented 32 nations at the recently concluded World Cup. There were a lot of familiar names in the mix, while some became famous over the course of the tournament. However, m...
Best Soccer Universities in the US
a year ago
Sure, having the best cleats and must have women's soccer gear can help you get a leg up against the competition, but it takes hard work, stamina, and the right coaching and team to really make it in ...
Best US Men's Soccer Players of All Time
2 years ago
The US doesn't like soccer as much as the rest of the world, despite it being a beautiful game that helps bring people together. That being said, it's pretty clear to everyone what's next for American...