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Arsenal: Their Premier League Run-In

How the Club Will Fare in Their Last Eight Games

Copyright - Arsenal Football Club

With the run-in to the Premier League season now upon us, it is only right to see how each team would get on. With that in mind, let's start with Arsenal, looking to avoid finishing in seventh, and chasing Chelsea in fifth place.

Leicester - Away - Last Game: Won 4-3

Arsenal managed the win at the Emirates back in August, just pulling out a win in the last ten minutes with late goals from Ramsay and Giroud. Leicester have stayed close to Arsenal in the table with only eight points between them. Both teams have improved, and Leicester play much better at the King Power Stadium, a draw could be a good result here.

Fixture: TBC

Predicted Result: Draw

Stoke - Home - Last Game: Lost 1-0

Stoke are very much a hoodoo team for Arsenal. Always harder than they should be for a club of Arsenal's stature, Stoke have managed to build up a fan rivalry with the club. Despite these troubles however, Arsenal tend to win the home games between the two sides, never losing a home match to Stoke since the side entered the Premier League in 2008.

Fixture: 1 April

Predicted Result: Win

Southampton - Home - Last Game: Drew 1-1

I am unsure about Southampton. They are rather inconsistent in the big picture. But with the latest news of managerial departures and the rumours of Mark Hughes stepping in to fill the spot, I think that the adjustment to a new system will distract from winning the game.

Fixture: 9 April

Predicted Result: Win

Newcastle - Away - Last Game: Won 1-0

Whilst they have played well this season, Newcastle shouldn't give Arsenal too much worry in the final run-in to the season. Though they have done well in keeping other teams in check, Arsenal should prove too much for a Newcastle side that can show grim determination in defending on the line. They may have to do quite a bit of it.

Fixture: 15 April

Predicted Result: Win

West Ham - Home - Last Game: Won 1-0

West Ham are in chaos, only increased with the protests at the London Stadium against the management of the club in the game against Burnley. The on-pitch disasters have only compounded their fan's frustrations, and it is no surprise that the team is in danger of relegation. With poor on the pitch performances, Arsenal should comfortably win this fixture.

Fixture: 23 April

Predicted Result: Win

Man Utd - Away - Last Game: Lost 1-3

Man United have barely lost at Old Trafford, even with their loss to Sevilla on the 13th of March. Add that to the problems that Wenger has had with beating Mourinho-style teams, and a draw is probably the best result Arsenal can hope for out of this game. United's attack can significantly outplay Arsenal here, and the Gunners will pay for it in probably gaining no points from this trip.

Fixture: 29 April

Predicted Result: Loss

Burnley - Home - Last Game: Win 0-1

Only a controversial goal earned Arsenal the three points from their trip to Turf Moor earlier this season. Barring a surprising loss of defensive cohesion at Burnley, who have defended very well against most teams this season, a well earned draw would not be a total disaster for the Arsenal side. With good defensive ability against other top sides such as City and United, it is likely to be a disappointing game for Arsenal fans.

Fixture: 5 May

Predicted Result: Draw

Huddersfield - Away - Last Game: Win 5-0

A gift of a last game for Arsenal to have, Huddersfield should provide little resistance to the attacking power of Arsenal. Although they did beat Manchester United earlier in the season, they are unlikely to challenge Arsenal, more so if they are safe on the last day of the season

Fixture: 13 May

Predicted Result: Win

Final Thoughts

It looks like a favourable end to the season for Arsenal, with easy wins against West Ham and Huddersfield looking likely for the club. The biggest challenge will come from Manchester United, whilst the Burnley game could be decisive in the race to finish in the top six, and avoiding further embarrassment for the club in addition to missing out on the top four.

Prediction Summary: DWWWWLDW - 17/24 points

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Arsenal: Their Premier League Run-In
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