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8 Reasons Why You Should Wear Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Did you know that carbon fiber shin guards can take a lot more impact than regular shin guards? These are the real reasons carbon fiber shin guards provide amazing protection for your next matches.

Just like almost every other sport, it's so easy for players to get injured by anything. From falling to the impacts from players, it's not surprising that many athletes get hurt in the midst of games. It's possible for them to get all bruised up or even get a broken limb. That's why it's certainly required for all players to wear proper gear to avoid getting injured while playing. And a sport that so many players get hurt playing is soccer. Since soccer is all about impressive footwork, you bet there will be legs getting injured on the field left and right. It's something soccer players experience all the time. This is why they should be wearing shin guards to protect their legs from impact from the ball as well as players!

Shin guards are actually a really important form of protection that every single soccer player should acquire. You can't play professional soccer without shin guards. Either they won't allow you to, or you're going to be gifted with a ton of bruises on your shins. But if you're looking for the ultimate protection, instead of regular shin guards, consider getting carbon fiber shin guards. What's the difference? There's a fine line between regular shin guards and carbon fiber shin guards. If you're looking to buy carbon fiber shin guards, but don't exactly understand their benefits, these are the real reasons to buy carbon fiber shin guards for your future matches.

They provide amazing protection against high impacts.

First off, carbon fiber shin guards provides a much higher protection against all impacts compared to regular shin guards. Since carbon fiber in general is such a strong material, this will help prevent any injury from happening to your shins. And that's what we definitely want when we're wearing shin guards—ultimate protection. Because if we're playing like animals on the field, we want to be protected from the other animals that are on the field.

The best type of carbon fiber shin guards that provide maximum protection are the ones by Diadora. With a thick layer of carbon fiber, this will guarantee that your shins won't be impacted by the ball or players during the match. Plus, who wouldn't want more protection for your legs while playing soccer? 

They give an extra gripped feel against your shins for more comfort.

Many of the shin guards out there almost never have a great grip against your shins. Depending on the size and material that they're constructed in, there are shin guards that'll basically start sliding down your shins in the middle of a match. Imagine dribbling the ball during a game and your shin guards are slowly starting to fall from their place? That's certainly the last thing we want to deal with, especially when we have the ball.

However, carbon fiber shin guards never let you down, nor do they fall down from your shins. Because of their amazing and durable material, the carbon fiber will constantly have a good grip on your shins—even when you're running your fastest on the field. Whether you're dribbling the ball, running, or kicking the ball into the goal, carbon fiber shin guards will always be in the same position on your shins from when you first put them on. 

They're very lightweight.

We definitely don't want heavy-ass shin guards on us. It'll be like running with weights attached to your legs—they'll start to weigh you down! And there are shin guards out there that are heavy, and these are the type of guards that are terrible for you. The reason that they're heavy is because they're much "stronger," but your legs will be aching after the game once you take those guards off.

Shin guards aren't supposed to be heavy at all. They're supposed to be lightweight, because we're basically running in them the entire time. That's why carbon fiber shin guards are the best types of shin guards out there. Despite the fact that they're very, very strong and durable, they're insanely lightweight. You'll never believe how lightweight they are until you wear a pair. Even when you have maximum shin protection, it'll still feel as though you're not wearing shin guards at all.

They last a lot longer than regular shin guards.

Without a doubt, carbon fiber shin guards last a lot longer than regular shin guards. There are shin guards out there that fall apart after wearing them for a couple of games. Since our legs are almost always coming into contact with the ball, the turf, and the players, there are certain shin guards that wouldn't be able to handle all of that impact. And just when you thought that your shin guards were the best, they completely break in half after you've come in contact with another player.

But carbon fiber shin guards won't suddenly break in half if you've been kicked in the shins. In fact, they won't break after you've been kicked in the shines for the eightieth time, that's how durable they are. And since we spend money on soccer gear, we expect them to last for a very long time—not until the fifth match. 

They're a status symbol.

If a soccer player owns a pair of carbon fiber shin guards, you know they're serious about the sport. Professional and serious soccer players only want to obtain the best of the best soccer gear out there. So, when they own a pair of carbon fiber shin guards, not only do they know that they're the best form of protection, but they're a status symbol.

Since carbon fiber shin guards are seen as a status symbol, professional soccer players wouldn't stop themselves from not getting a pair. They know how amazing they perform and how they can withstand all of the impact that happens on the field. And wouldn't you want to own similar shin guards to what professional soccer players have? You'll basically be a professional yourself with these type of shin guards.

Players turn to them after injuries, because they're gentle.

So many players get injured on the field and they're left with scars, bruises, and any other form of injury on their legs. And these are the type of players that are always on the hunt for a comfortable pair of shin guards that won't cause any pain to their injuries while playing on the field. But what type of shin guards are gentle enough to wear over an injury? Carbon fiber shin guards, of course!

While they're very strong, durable, and comfortable, these shin guards are also super gentle to wear over your injured shins. Because of their comfortable material, wearing these shin guards throughout the game won't cause any additional pain on your shins, and that's what many players are looking for.

They can be contoured for each leg.

There are shin guards that can be worn on either leg; however, there are times when we feel the shin guards don't fit right and feel really uncomfortable on our legs, because they're versatile. Shin guards are supposed to ideally fit your legs. This way, not only are they really comfortable on your legs, but it'll feel as though you're not wearing guards at all.

But carbon fiber shin guards are actually designed to fit your specific shin. While one shin guard is meant for your left shin, the other is for your right—that's how it should be! They'll properly sit against your shins and won't feel like they're out of place. 

They offer a ton of diverse styles.

Lastly from the reason why carbon fiber shin guards are the best is because they offer a wide range of diverse styles! If you're the type of soccer player who wants all of his gear to match, there are carbon fiber shin guards that can match your look. Even if you don't care for matching, there are styles that will certainly suit your liking!

There are shin guards out there that all look the same. They're black and basic, and that's something many of us aren't looking for. But carbon fiber shin guards offers a wide variety of styles and looks. So while you're getting the best protection ever, you're being protected with style!

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8 Reasons Why You Should Wear Carbon Fiber Shin Guards
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